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Interviewing 101-Impressing Your Interviewer

Being called into a job interviewer is the first step toward being chosen for a new job. If this is a job you are passionate about, you will want to do your best to prepare for the interview and impress the hiring manager. Your first impression as well as how you go through the interview is essential to getting through it and showing you are a worthy candidate. Here are some helpful tips to follow.

Maintain Eye Contact

Show that you are interested in what your interviewer has to say by maintaining eye contact. This doesn’t mean remaining glued to their eyes, but looking into their eyes when they are speaking. This will show that you are confident and comfortable in your surroundings, even if you don’t feel like you are.

Have a Good Handshake

The impression you give off in the first few seconds of an interview is going to stick with the interviewer. This starts with your handshake. Make sure you have dry, warm hands and not sweaty. Shake their hand no more than twice in a firm handshake hat is not too firm or too flimsy. This is another way to show your confidence during the interview.

Dress Appropriately

The phrase “dress to impress” still rings true for job interviews. Get to know their dress code and try to dress the same or one step higher. If they are allowed to dress in casual clothing, wear business casual attire. If the dress code is business casual, wear a suit or other business professional ensemble. This is part of the first impression you give during the interview.

Don’t be Overly Casual

Some hiring managers like to create a more casual environment where it feels like you are holding a conversation. While this can help you feel more comfortable and makes for an easier interview, be careful not to get too casual. Try not to laugh or giggle, get fidgety or feel like you can do whatever you want just because it is more of a casual interview.

Ask Interesting Questions

Ask the interviewer questions when you are given the chance to show you have done your homework. The hiring manager wants to know that you have done your research because that is how much you are interested in the job and the company. Ask intriguing and insightful questions, not at all related to your own compensation or benefits.

Be Enthusiastic

Without going overboard, be positive and enthusiastic throughout the interview. Even if you are feeling nervous, you can still put on a smile and act excited to be called in for this interview. This helps show a bit of your personality and passion for your career.

Always remember to give an exceptional first impression. If you don’t, the answers you give during the interview aren’t going to stick with the hiring manager.


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