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California Taking The Lead in Engineering Employment

California has often been thought of as one of the prime locations where engineering research and cutting edge innovation can be paired together. The chance of science or technical employment on the West Coast has always been thought to be much higher than other areas of the country. It seems that this is ultimately the truth in consideration of information provided from a recent report from the National Science Foundation. The report confirms that California leads the rest of the country in jobs, which makes it the ideal destination for many upcoming engineers throughout various industries.

Based on information from the Los Angeles Times, the state has provided STEM related jobs for nearly 14 percent of the total national engineering and science workforce in 2011. The NSF study shows that 786,653 people worked within this sector in California itself. For further perspective, New York and Texas were also noted for having a high concentration level of employed engineers and scientists, but they were only able to collect 328,251 and 450, 316 jobs respectively.

As a whole, these three states are able to account for over 25 percent of all science and engineering workers within the United States. California is able to offer three cities that provide a large number of employees throughout the country, including Los Angeles, Santa Clara, and San Diego. In consideration that there were 5.7 million people who indicated in the U.S Census Bureau’s 2011 American Community Survey that they were working as scientists or engineers, then the amount of talent on the west coast is quite significant.

There are many other areas that have facilities and companies that are engaged in engineering research, but based on information from the NSF report, they are not on the same level as California. A further 25 percent of employees spread over the states of Virginia, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania account for this. Although California was able to claim multiple cities with high employment in development and research sectors, other states usually only had one city that they could claim as a hub for these studies. However, even these single-city locations held a large amount of engineers and scientists, as well as those who are soon to finish their programs and embark into the world of the job market and the workplace.

All of the top ranking areas that were studied by the NSF were considered to be desirable places for engineers and scientists to practice their trade of choice. The authors of the study concluded that large numbers of individuals handling engineering or scientific research is an important element towards creating technological growth. Ultimately, those who are ready to pursue their career in scientific research or engineering may want to further their opportunities by trying to gain employment in some of the areas within the west coast. These areas may provide a large amount of opportunity and the chance to invest more deeply into an industry that is still in great development.


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