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Career Options for Journalism Majors

The journalism course can open a vast work of career opportunities for you. Still it would depend on the program you will choose since the career options are also becoming varied with the onset of new and advanced technology these days. With these changes, even the world of journalism changes and evolves as various forms of media are being combined to come up with more creative concepts and ideas.

Freelance Writing

This is a very trending word in the online world these days. This is perfect if you are the type who want to be your own boss and you want to explore the possibilities of home based work. When the Internet opened up a vast world of job opportunities for anyone to tap, it was writing that became one of the instant hits. You will be asked to write about various niches while other employers really require a journalism degree or diploma. Of course, if you have one, then you are entitled to a higher rank or pay.

Lots Of PR Work

The world of Public Relations may be a unique kind of medium for communication but it also requires the skills of those who have majored in journalism. In this career, you will be further trained on writing various press releases that act as news of groups and companies. The specific positions you can hold under this category would fall under being a creative director or even a communications manager.


This is the most obvious and popular choice for journalism majors. However, you would need to distinguish the specific kind of reporter that you like to be. Whether you are to work as a magazine, television or newspaper reporter, the job requires a lot of hard work, perseverance and research on your end. You must be able to deliver news that are relevant and reports that matter to many. In this age and technology, the most recent form of reporting is blogging. This is due to the reason that majority of readers today do not anymore to the physical newspapers but to the Internet.


This is another lifelong dream of those who take journalism especially for those who have specialized in broadcast communication. This requires more straightforward reporting since it is more than just mere written words. You also go through a different kind of training, usually more rigorous than the other career opportunities that may come your way. You must also have a solid journalism background before you can land a highly esteemed position in the world of broadcast media. One tip? You must stay in tuned with all the latest happenings around you and the society.


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