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Can Seasonal Jobs Become Permanent?

One of the common questions that job seekers commonly ask is whether or not seasonal jobs can become permanent jobs. The answer for this tends to vary depending on your service, the amount of demand for the job, the amount of people who are currently employed at the company, and ultimately how well you are able to handle your role. It’s difficult to say whether it is a yes or no because it truly varies depending on the situation for everyone involved.

Retail jobs often have a lot of seasonal positions. It’s hit or miss when trying to determine whether or not these options can become permanent employment. Sometimes the retail company may like your work so much, they might ask for you to become a permanent employee. This is generally true when you have increased their sales or really improved the results of the work for them. If there’s not a lot of people who are employed at that company when you show up, then there’s a good chance that you’re going to get a permanent position.

However, there are some circumstances where you might not get a permanent position under the retail scenario. In retail, there’s generally a lot of seasonal work because people don’t want to work long hours during the holidays. You’re working the hours that no one else wants. As a result, when the holidays end, the company might go back to the original staff and the regular hours. If they are already dealing with a fairly active staff, then they probably won’t need an extra person to add to the payroll.

Another scenario which is becoming more popular as time progresses are seasonal jobs which directly state that they will not be hiring for any permanent positions after the seasonal period is finished. This is a way of letting people know that the positions are not available so that job seekers who are hoping for a permanent position won’t waste their time in a position that may only last for a few weeks.

Alternatively, there are also seasonal job positions which directly state that there are additional positions available. Some companies make this difficult by stating that you need to work seasonal positions for a certain amount of periods before you could be considered for a permanent position. Other times, it’s all based on the quality of work that you are able to provide and the results that are gained from your skills and effort.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a seasonal position that may be able to provide you with a permanent position at some point, you may want to tell this to the hiring manager when you meet them during the interview. This way, you can be honest about your goals and they can let you know whether or not their position would be able to meet your needs.


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