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Employment for Health Education Associate’s Degree


The need for qualified and experienced health educators is more popular than ever, mainly due to the amount of disease rates that are rising. Some of the demand is also due to the fact that personal fitness is becoming more of a concern for many people. Health educations create public education programs which help to teach people about preventative measures which can be taken to ensure that they don’t contract certain diseases.

Career Options

There are more than 60,000 health educations that are currently employed at the moment. More than half of them are employed by health care or social assistance agencies. There are other health education positions that are open with the state, federal, and local government. Many of the companies that are hiring health educations for full-time positions are doing so in order to work towards creating wellness programs and education programs for employees. Health educations are also used in schools. As a result, having a degree in health education and ensure that individuals are qualified to work in leadership positions in health care clinics, schools, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations. It may also provide them with the opportunity for advancement into roles such as those of senior health educator, executive directors, or supervisors.


The typical salary for a health education and coaching director is around $113,000. It is clearly an occupation with a lot of potential for growth. Much of the earnings associated with this position are based on experience and the education of the individual. Those who are seeking to earn the highest salary should focus themselves towards attaining a master’s degree or a doctoral degree in order to ensure they will be eligible for some of the higher paying positions that this sector can offer. It is possible to earn much higher than the amount typically listed, though this varies based on location and skill level.

Further Education

There are health education program degrees that are available on all educational levels. This opportunity extends all the way to the doctoral level, which would enable individuals to work on a variety of different professional endeavors, such as within private practices and instructing personnel on some of the aspects of health education. Some people may work towards teaching with this experience or may focus on different ways that they can use their knowledge of health education to impact the healthcare industry more positively and develop new ways to handle new challenges.


A career in health education may be an ideal option for someone who is seeking to improve society and the world by teaching the public about how they can avoid various unhealthy behaviors and possible illness. Being a health educator can provide a variety of positions within the professional world of the healthcare industry and may extend to opportunities that bridge beyond just educating the public about health. Health education may also lead to undergraduate studies or to jobs with online healthcare organizations, content writing and other aspects many students do not consider when entering the workforce. These different career paths should be considered when employment becomes an option.


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