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Employment for EMT Technician Associate’s Degree


Anyone who has ever had to request emergency help understands the value and importance of the role of EMT technicians. EMTs are generally the first people who are at the scene of emergencies and they provide emergency services which may be the difference in determining life and death for some people. There are countless EMT programs that are available to provide individuals with knowledge and experience.

Career Options

Those who graduate from EMT technician programs generally work as paramedics, firefighters, search and rescue medics, ambulance EMTs, critical care or flight paramedics, and EMS instructors. Some technicians advance in order to become instructors, physician assistants, sales personnel for companies which handle emergency medical equipment, and dispatchers. There is always room for growth within this field of the healthcare industry and many believe that the role of EMTs continues to be understaffed. Some jobs may require EMT-Paramedic certification while others may require EMT-Basic certification instead.


The typical salary of an EMT is around $30,000. This is normal for someone who is just beginning at this entry level position. As EMTs gain more experience and may gain more certifications, they have the opportunity to earn more money. However, this depends on where they are practicing as an EMT, since some states pay more in salary than others do. Some people feel that the EMT position doesn’t leave much room for growth, so they decide to pursue other options such as becoming a flight paramedic or a firefighter.

Further Education

Pursuing further education is always recommended when considering the role of an EMT. Although there are many people who comfortably work within this field on a regular basis for many years, there are also those who feel that they should move on to other areas of the medical industry because it would pay a higher salary and would provide them with more professional opportunities. The catch that many find to this circumstance is that if they are interested in pursuing a role within nursing or as a doctor, they may be forced to eventually give up their role as an EMT because it is a conflict of interest. In most cases, those who pursue their education eventually cease being EMTs and work within some other position of the medical field, such as nursing.


Being an EMT can be a great position for someone who is focused on helping other people and has the ability to stay calm under stressful situations. There are many people who use this position as a temporary form of employment until they are able to complete their certification for nursing or working in some other medical field related job. Other people use the position to gain experience until they are ready to move on to a completely different career, such as becoming a doctor or even a firefighter. If you enjoy your work as an EMT and consider performing other medical jobs or more specialized medical positions, consider speaking to an academic counselor about possible career and educational options available to you. There may also be on the job options available as well.


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