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Employment for Dialysis Technician Associate’s Program


Dialysis technicians are necessary in the healthcare system due to the amount of people who are starting to experience kidney failure. When the kidneys have started failing, the only option that will keep people alive are getting dialysis treatments. Dialysis technicians work with individuals who are experiencing kidney failure so that they can maintain the same kidney processes with the use of a dialysis machine instead. Dialysis technician programs teach individuals how to monitor and handle these machines so that they will be able to take care of patients and provide them with any necessary treatment.

Career Options

It has been said that the employment outlook for dialysis technicians is very positive for the upcoming decade. It is a steadily growing field and there is a large demand for technicians who are experienced and qualified. Many of the dialysis technicians are able to work in hospitals when they have the supervision of a registered nurse. There are also some who are able to work within dialysis units that are run by private companies. Technicians who are in large units may be able to become chief technicians. Those who gain further training have the opportunity to become biomedical equipment technicians. The amount of growth which is occurring within this field suggests that anyone who is interested in becoming a technician should pursue the opportunity now while there is still time.


The typical salary for someone within this field is set at $35,000. It’s a reasonable salary considering that working as a dialysis technician is generally one of the starting points and entry level opportunities for many people. Someone with just the basic knowledge of the position would likely be able to earn this type of salary, which means that with more experience and perhaps further education, the individual would also be able to earn a much higher wage in the meantime.

Further Education

At the very minimum, someone can become a dialysis technician if they are willing to study for around two years and earn their associate’s degree and their certifications. There are a few different certifications which can be earned, depending on the state that the individual resides in. However, it is also possible to earn a bachelor’s degree or higher and continue pursuing this area of the healthcare industry under the use of different positions, such as those that focus more on specializations related to the field.


Working as a dialysis technician may be a good match for someone who is curious about the healthcare industry but doesn’t feel confident enough with doing some of the more ‘traditional’ jobs. Although the work requirements for a technician are fairly simple, they provide life saving technology to people who have experienced kidney failure, which is a prominent reminder of just how important this entry level position can truly be. Dialysis is a very sought after career with a high demand in smaller cities and rural hospitals. This makes it the prime option for those individuals that do not want to move into bigger cities or leave their hometown area.


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