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Employment for Adult Education Bachelor’s Degree


Adult education can be an ideal option for individuals who would like to teach individuals who are more in their own age group. It can provide many interesting professional opportunities, such as the chance to train employees for a specific job or even to work with the elderly and teach them something new while they continue their education for a new job or even for a hobby. How someone uses their adult education degree is entirely up to them and will influence their role in the educational industry.

Career Options

Those who graduate from the adult education program are able to enjoy teaching jobs in remedial education and adult literacy. They will be able to teach adults and those who have just exited school and will provide them with education in the areas of reading, writing, English, and problem solving. There are three different categories of jobs that are associated with this field, known as adult basic education, adult secondary education, and English literacy instruction. Other jobs are considered to be more specialized and would require training with computers or the healthcare industry in order to be able to work as a teacher or instructor within the right program.


The typical salary for someone who is working as an adult education teacher is around $38,000. This amount may vary depending on where the individual is teaching at, the age group of their students, the amount of students they teach on a regular basis, and the types of teaching services that they are able to provide. People who have more experience are more likely to get paid a higher salary and have access to some of the more in demand positions.

Further Education

Most students who are seeking a degree in adult education have started out as regular education students and have earned their associate’s degree in education. Bachelor’s degree students can work towards graduate studies that would allow them to specialize in a field that would help them work in continuing education classrooms. These degrees allow for the students to be able to study and learn about adult learning theories, while also learning how to successfully plan lessons for adult learners after they have graduated. The degree programs focus on teaching the basics associated with methods of instruction, adult education, understanding classroom technologies, and providing projects to students.


Individuals who are seeking to become involved in the educational industry but are not comfortable with the idea of teaching children may find that they are more comfortable with teaching adults. There is always room for growth within the educational sector and there are many school districts which continue to actively seek new teachers and instructors that will be willing to work with older students. The industry also provides a lot of opportunities outside of the school and university location for individuals who are seeking to use their educational experience in a different setting. Adult education employment is the tip of the career iceberg for many students. Remember, there are graduate and post-graduate programs available as well.


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