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Entrepreneurs Stop Waiting for Increased Employment Options

Increases to the number of individuals on public assistance, unemployment and in unemployment lines has led to concern across the country. Not only are employers concerned about maintaining their businesses, individuals are concerned about finding employment in areas impacted severely by financial and economical concerns. In some areas, jobs have become so scarce entrepreneurs have taken on the employment issue on their own. People are beginning to rely on their own skills to create a business or a service that is needed in their area. The services have led to several entrepreneurs starting their own businesses and creating income in areas where income has been an increasing problem.

This is especially true of military personnel and individuals who were part of larger workforces who have been laid off in recent years. For example, the coal mining industry has seen an increase in unemployment due to government shutdowns and other issues. Coal miners, however do have several skills that can be used outside of the coal mine and can lead to offering services to other industries or to coal mines outside of their area. For example, several coal miners have been used by companies who are opening up new coal mines areas or re-opening coal mines in other areas. The miners can go in and help reopen the mine and become a foreman or become foreman on the reopened mine as an independent contractor. Those individuals who have explosives experience can also find jobs across the country with coal mines that are trying to reopen mines that have been closed for years.

Other entrepreneurs are finding their expertise in certain areas may lead to services other individuals need. For example, an individual may have worked in a generalized industry such as accounting. When accounting departments shut down the accountant may find that they are out of work and are unable to find work with another business. In these instances an accountant may turn around and use their tax services or other accounting services to help freelancers who have to file taxes on their own. They may also offer their services during tax season or throughout the year to help individuals who are starting their own businesses or other entrepreneurs offering their services on a freelance basis.

The increase of entrepreneurs who have stopped waiting for increased employment options is offering a stable income for several individuals. These entrepreneurs are also opening up new jobs within their own businesses to cover customer service, skilled workers and to reach out to more clients. There are several individuals opening small service businesses and consulting businesses who are finding they need more individuals to handle customer service, administrative tasks and other tasks of the business during the day while the services are being provided to clients. This has led to a decrease in unemployment in certain areas, increase in income and an increase in services are much needed in smaller towns and rural communities. There are even workshops being offered in several communities to help individuals decipher what types of services they may have learned on the job that they did not realize were needed in their local communities. These workshops help individuals create their own businesses and seek out freelance options that were otherwise unavailable.


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