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Entitlement Attitudes Hindering Job Search for Home Workers

Entitlement attitudes has become a hot topic, especially among employers and employers offering home-based positions. An entitlement attitude by potential employee or contractor, can hinder a job search for not only that home worker but for other homeworkers as well. This entitlement attitude generally concerns the expectations of a job that may not be realistic expectations for a job in a brick-and-mortar facility or at home.

Several employers have found that there is a new outlook towards home-based employment and brick-and-mortar employment as well. The home-based employment, however, is the most commonly seen connected to entitlement attitudes. Employers have stated that individuals are coming into the at-home workforce expecting certain amenities or privileges that would be expected even in a standard working environment. When recently polled, employers have stated that they have had potential employees or independent contractors requesting absurd demands and when those demands are not met, taking those demands to forums.

In a recent interview with Jennifer Winter, CEO of Cabaret Angels content, stated that the entitlement attitudes of home-based workers has become an increasing problem especially within the content industry. In the interview, Ms. Winter briefly explained some of the issues her business has been having with freelance writers and customer service representatives.

“My company offers adult blogging services for phone operators and cam workers in the adult entertainment industry. Due to the high volume of clients and strict deadlines, Cabaret Angels needed to have not only high quality writers but also skilled customer service representatives. In a recent hiring ad I chose to ask for both. We received hundreds of applications and responded to those who fit the companies and client’s needs. We received several angry responses from applicants who expected weekly email responses updating them on their application status, inquiries regarding why we did not take out taxes, offer medical insurance or offer bonus pay incentives for showing up to work on time and working through a full shift.”

Ms. Winter stated that these demands were unheard of in most industries. The most appalling request was one shared by other business owners, the request for bonus payment simply for showing up on time and completing a full shift. When asked about this particular demand, several business owners and employers responded with disgust or confusion. One business owner stated that not only had he never heard of such a demand, but if he had to offer incentives for simply performing a full work shift, then he would rather skip that applicant.

These demands are being associated with entitlement issues and the lack of business understanding. Though there are only a small section of applicants requesting these demands, the requests are causing a hinderence in job searches for home based workers. In fact, many workers are finding employers to be very stern regarding guidelines for employment, which include strict statements regarding interviews. These statements include requests that the applicant not email or post negative comments if they do not receive a call back email or email stating they were not chosen. Though this may seem like common sense, to some it is a demand they take very seriously.


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