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Obama's Choice to Offer No Extension to the Terms of Job Council

In late January 2013, Obama has chosen to offer no extension to the terms of job counsel that he put into place during 2011. This job counsel was designed to inform President Obama of any type of input that they had from business leaders on unemployment and how to stifle the unemployment rates while maintaining the creation of new jobs and stimulating the economy. This offer of no extension came as a great shock to many individuals who have seen and understand that the unemployment rate remains steadily high and that individuals on unemployment assistance also remain at a steady high. This leaves individuals with the question of why President Obama chose to offer no extensions of the job counsel.

Mission Complete

President Obama has stated that the reasoning behind offering no extension for the terms of job counsel was fairly simple. The initial plan for the terms of job counsel was to offer input and advice on helping the unemployment rates and keeping the unemployment rate at a low. When the job counsel was formed in 2011 the unemployment rate was a steady 9% and growing. In recent months the unemployment rate is shown to be at a 7.8%. There are some oppositions to this stating that the 7.8% cannot be accurate since there are over 12 million people out of work. However, the accuracy of this boils down to the fact that many of the studies and research regarding unemployment versus job creation is based on several aspects that do not coincide and that may not give an accurate depiction of the actual unemployment rate in the United States.

Regardless of the opposition to the 7.8 percentage level, president Obama feels that the council has served their intended purpose. In recent statement is stated that the percentage of unemployment has dropped and remains at a declining rate due to the fact that the council completed their mission, gave the proper input and that input lead to job creation.

Opposition and Truth

There are several individuals within economics that believe the research and outcome of various research studies regarding unemployment are not accurate do not shown accurate picture of unemployment in the United States. Though President Obama and his cabinet have fought against this, the fact of the matter remains that over 12 million people are still out of work and that it has been stated openly that president Obama did not agree with the business leaders input.

The truth of the matter is that though President Obama and his cabinet have stated that the mission is complete and the council did complete their job, the writing on the wall shows that the job was not completed and the problems still remain. With several individuals surrounding Obama stating that he was not happy with the outcome, the recommendations or with the fact that he was being opposed by the business leaders within the council it does look as if President Obama did not offer an extension on the council due to the fact he felt the council was not leading up to his expectations rather than the expectations of the unemployed within the United States.

Only time will tell if the actual research and studies have shown accurate accounts of unemployment within the United States. However, currently it is clear that unemployment is still a problem and a counsel is still necessary.


Saturday, August 22, 2015 2:40 PM
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