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Top Marketing Jobs for 2013

Although marketing jobs have been hard to come by lately, if you are into marketing, you can make really good money with it. Many companies started hiring marketers again in 2010. This means good news for those who are into this type of job. If you are looking for the top marketing jobs of 2013, you can find them here.

International Marketing Executive

Many companies will pay good money for marketers to target an international audience. This goes for international cultures and channels as well. However, in order to make the big bucks as an International Marketing Executive you will need an MBA from a top college. An International Marketing Executive can earn more than $280,000 per year.

Top Channel Development Executive

Companies love marketers who are good at what they do as well as are able to run channels in such a way that will increase revenues. However, there aren’t many people who have the marketing knowledge as well as the experience with analytics and know how to run the channels to increase the company’s revenue. This is why the top channel development executive who knows what they are doing to get the job done right will get paid well for their efforts. Top channel development executives can make well over $265,000 per year.

Top Marketing Executive

When it comes to being a top marketing executive, you probably know your stuff. This type of marketer knows how to quickly adapt the company’s strategies and their philosophies in a way that goes right along with the ever changing channels. A top marketing executive knows what they are doing and can make over $240,000 per year.

Top Marketing Research Executive

If you love researching and marketing then being a top marketing research executive might be the job for you. This is where you will get to research web analytic as well as the market for companies. This is a higher paying job than it was in 2011 as it is up from 3% to 5% from then until now. If you are planning on becoming a top marketing research executive, plan on making over $190,000 per year.

Marketing Director

If a company doesn’t have what should be a marketing department, they will hire a marketing director to get the job done right. Although this position is a little scarce right now, if you have industry experience with marketing managerial experience, this is the job for you. If you can land this job, you can make over $150,000 per year.

Ecommerce Marketing Director

Most businesses are always trying to make an online presence for their business. The Internet is huge so they can do well with using it to market their products or services. This is where an ecommerce marketing director comes in. They help the business make their online presence be known to the world. If you want to try it with this career, you can make over $148,000 per year.


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