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Career Options for Chemistry Majors

The good news with being a chemistry major is that you are posed with a variety of career options. They may be many but each arrives with a lot of unique challenges on its own. It will depend on various factors like your level of skills, your knowledge on your major and even your own personal decisions. One thing is for sure when it comes to chemistry major work. It will surely require a lot of intricate research on the operations along with utmost quality control.

Laboratory Work

When you settle for this work, you would be involved in a position that requires a lot of control, monitoring and observation. Additional work details may include doing the finance and inventory elements of the lab you are assigned in. When you work as a chemist in the lab, you need to have good coordination of your hand and eye along with a high sense of intellectual integrity. This would need a high sense of analytical chemistry along with competence in the field of mathematics and computer technology.

Be A Teacher Or An Instructor

Depending on your qualification, you can also end up as a Chemistry teacher whether in universities or the lower schools like middle and elementary schools. However, you may need to take some extra credits of teaching for you to be considered an educator. You would be required to express and explain various concepts in chemistry and help student understand even the most critical of its aspects. In advance classes, you may even need to demonstrate ideal skills when it comes to safety inside the laboratory and other intricate processes of the field.

Get Into Sales

If you are good in dealing with other people and moreover persuading them into something, then you may end up being a sales agent in the world of chemistry. The course may seem for the nerdy but it also requires a great deal of friendly people who can hang along well with others. Your scientific expertise is still greatly needed in this line especially in the recognition of the drawbacks and benefits of a scientific product.

Patents And Copyrights

Any chemist can also be of good help in various legal matters. In this line of work, you would be assigned to studying various patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights. You would apply for this career in various law firms, private companies and even universities where many original scientific studies are made. This applies well with new inventions and other scientific discoveries that would be of good help to the greater many.


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