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Career Options for Biology Majors

To go to college is a huge undertaking to accomplish and be successful in. Majority of your future depends on it. And with the many courses that you can get to choose from these days, it is biology that remain to be one of the most popular. If you love science and you are considering to land a job as a biology major, then it is ideal to reflect on the possible career options and jobs that you can end up with after graduation.

Research Biologist

When you feel confident enough to handle even the most advanced scientific tools of today used in studying nature and how life works, then consider being a research biologist. There are hundreds of biologists who go for this career as they pursue the path of entering the medical field and work on the development of new medicines and cures for various diseases.

Environmental Manager

Just as how you call it, this is perfect for environmental lovers out there who have graduated as a biology major. You would work on various campaigns and projects that are aimed to solve environmental problems and learn how to conserve it. Your work as a keen environmentalist would greatly affect how the earth works and how it can still last for the benefit of future generations. You can surely settle to be employed in the fields of forestry and other groups of special interest.

Forensic Biologist

This may sound familiar since this is a job that is just beginning to grow. You will work closely with several authorities and enforcement agencies. You will be useful in discovering various evidences to solve crimes. Hence, if you are sensitive with seeing dead bodies and other related scenarios, then you might want to think twice about this job. But if you are brave and challenged enough to explore this unique yet odd career option, then you better be prepared too in possibly testifying during some trials related to the crime.

Politics and Bioinformatics

Yes, you heard it right! You can also work alongside politicians and lawmakers. You would usually serve as an advisor to these professionals and provide your expertise of studies. With the help of your knowledge in science, you can be able to assist in the creation of various legislative steps toward conservation and further protection of the environment. Bioinformatics is also a brand new field of career for biology majors. But this requires aptitude in mathematics as well to be able to solve a variety of problems presented in your work. You would also need to deal with a lot of statistical data.


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