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Career Options for Art Majors

Do not believe when others say that when you are an art degree major, you cannot expect to earn a lot in the future. This time, it is time to forget all about those rumors. There are some who end up with the simplest jobs while others go for the lucrative ones. One point is clear: you can be sure to not end up jobless when you are an art major. The career you may possibly end up with will depend on the major you took under the art degree.

Art Teacher

If you like dealing with kids, then you can go to teaching. You can apply in various educational institutions to be a professional art teacher. You can teach kids to paint or even just draw. You can also apply for universities and colleges if you want to deal with older individuals who are also interested to pursue their skills and talent in making art.

Take Pictures As A Photographer

Taking pictures require an artistic eye. Even with just pictures, you can build a story that conveys a variety of messages. In fact, this requires technical abilities too especially in manipulating the camera. This is true especially these days when cameras come in more advanced models and specifications. However, such a career may require you to have stable finances since the tools and equipment you need to have to fulfill your work may be too costly in the market these days. You can work as a freelancer or apply as an in-house photographer for any company.

Graphic Designer

With the onset of the online technology, many jobs are posted for graphic designers which require you this time to work with computers. You would help put together different layouts and apply a wide range of design elements. This requires a keen eye too which comes natural for any art major. The good thing about this is that you can even work from the comforts of your own home especially if you would get the job from the online world. You also have the option to work exclusively for advertising agencies or maybe even establish your own. You can also train other future designers in the graphics world.

Lead As An Art Director

With this career, you would be in charge of other people letting you end up in a managerial state. You may be required to oversee final designs of books, websites and even newspapers. The final decision lies in your hands and you would have to work closely with other professionals. This would require a lot of human resource skills as well like being a good leader and team player all at the same time.


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