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What to Know about Work at Home Jobs

Work-at-home jobs have seen a rapid increase in the last few years. As a financial and economical downgrade has occurred throughout the country and throughout the world, many companies have started seeing the benefits of hiring work-at-home contractors versus hiring on-site employees. There are several things individuals who have not had a work-at-home job before or who have had limited experience and work at home jobs should know before applying or researching a possible home-based position.


A business opportunity is one of the first types of work at home jobs that individuals may become confused from. The confusion arises because a business opportunity is generally advertised as a job where you can make money from home. It should be noted, that a business opportunity is just that. It is an opportunity for an individual to represent and of their own fraction of a much larger business. Avon, Mary Kay, passion parties, Scentsy and other well-known business opportunities are available. However, a business opportunity will generally require an individual to sell a product or service, possibly keep a product or service on stock, and pay a certain amount to become a trained representative for that company. The disadvantages to business opportunity are income based. Though many individuals have made substantial incomes in business opportunities the idea of a business opportunity and the concept of a business opportunity do not provide a regular source of income right away. They are a business that you have to build through selling products or services. In essence, a business opportunity is commission only which is not what the majority of work-at-home individuals are looking for.

Independent Contractor

An independent contractor is an individual who works from home or works as a freelancer. The main difference between an independent contractor and an individual who works as an employee for a company is that an independent contractor must pay and is responsible for their own taxes. Independent contractors also must provide their own supplies, office space, and must supply their own health insurance. If an independent contractor wishes to pay into Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or other government funded institutions they must handle this in their own way.

Employee Contract

An employee contract is one of the rarer forms of work-at-home jobs. Many companies offer work-at-home jobs in an effort to save money for their company while still providing quality service to their consumers. An employer will choose to use a work at home independent contractor due to the fact they will not have to pay the contractors taxes, health benefits and decreased overtime pay. Though some companies, such as Cloud 10, may offer employee contracts these contracts are few and far between and most work-at-home professionals tend to work as a freelancer or independent contractor.


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