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About Bidding for a Contract Job

If you’re a freelancer just starting out, contract jobs can be great opportunities for getting your foot in the door, finding new clients, and getting work experience to add to your professional portfolio. Contract jobs are available through a variety of websites and allow you to bid a reasonable offer and receive work on a per-project basis. Whether you’re a writer, administrative professional, website designer or graphic designer, you can find work by looking for and bidding on contract jobs.

How do Contract Jobs Work

Contract jobs that are offered online are listed by their category such as if it is for data entry, writing, graphic design, or other types of jobs you can do from home and get paid for. Typically, the client who posts the contract job will describe what the job entails, how long the contract is for, and the price they’re going for. Whether or not they list a starting or maximum price, independent contractors such as yourself will enter bids along with some information about yourself and experience with this type of work. If your bid is accepted, the client will then forward more detailed information about the job, when it is due, and how you will get paid.

Where to Bid for Contract Jobs

When searching online for contract jobs, you will find a variety of websites offering contract jobs for freelancing professionals. Some of the most popular websites include Odesk.com, Elance.com and Guru.com. What you will find is that the way each site works as far as your profile, bidding and getting paid, is slightly different. It also helps to sign up for more than one site because jobs on Odesk for example, will be different from jobs on Elance. When finding a contract site, pay attention to their rules and guidelines and be sure you follow the terms and conditions.

Tips on Winning Contract Job Bids

As you begin viewing the various jobs these sites have available, you will notice that the competition can be fierce. You’re bidding against dozens or hundreds of other freelancers hoping to achieve the same contract. The following tips will help improve your chances of winning the contract job.

Change the Subject Line. Avoid using “Re: Sports Writer” taglines because the client undoubtedly has about 50 to 100 others just like it. In order to stand out, you need to be more creative with the subject. Choose a phrase that explains what the bid is for while standing out from the typical subject lines.

Prove You’re a Real Person.Be available for Skyping with a client or even speaking to them over the phone by providing these details. They want to know you’re a real person and it helps to connect better.

Have a Complete profile. Before attempting to bid on contracts, fill out your profile completely. This means going beyond your personal and basic information, and adding a professional resume and providing samples, along with detailing your experience and education.

Don’t Bid too Low.It can be tempting to bid as low as possible just to get the job, but this can actually hinder you. Some clients will see a low bid and assume you don’t provide quality work and may pass you up for someone with a higher bid.

Provide Exceptional Work. When you begin winning bids, it is vital that you continue producing quick and efficient work with zero errors. You should also be available for clients who need emergency help and fast turnaround. It will help you in the long run.


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