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About Having an Online Resume

Job seekers are continuing to look online for prospective careers more so than checking their local newspaper advertisements. Recruiters and job seekers alike will often use online job boards and social media outlets to find employees and/or find a job. For this reason, online resumes have become the most important thing to have. An online resume is similar to a traditional resume, though it may be formatted slightly different and some of the included information is different from what you put on a faxed resume or one you bring to a job interview. Either way, it’s important to know how to properly build the online resume and where to use it.

What is an Online Resume?

An online is a traditional resume that is specially formatted for posting on online job boards or emailing. While the resume you typically print and bring to job interviews includes fancy font and complex formatting, an online resume is extremely basic. This is to make it easier for recruiters to view it as an email attachment, in the body of an email, or on various job boards where you simply copy and paste the details.

Benefits of Online Resumes

There are many benefits to using online resumes and to having one ready for sending to potential employers. The first benefit is that it is easily accessible. You have it stores on your hard drive most likely, making it easy to access and send to anyone who requests it. It should also be easy to open and copy and paste the contents into a dialog box on whatever job database you’re using. This makes it easy for you as the job seeker, and employers can easily locate individuals who meet the qualifications they’re looking for.

Online resumes also make networking a more efficient process. Networking online gives you access to more job opportunities, and with an online resume posted on a personal website or job boards, you’re able to get your name out there and network with like-minded individuals. You will also find that will a publicly posted online resume, you tend to get more job offers without looking, than if you simply sent out traditional resumes. This is because just as many employers are using the Internet for finding recruits, as individuals are looking for new jobs.

Resume Building Tips

When you’re creating your online resume, you should include most of the information you would for a regular resume. This includes your name, email address, phone number, education and associated degrees, special certification, work experience, and special skills. Some differences are that you don’t need to enter your physical address in the personal information section and fancy formatting isn’t required. Many times, you’re simply copying and pasting your resume contents to a basic text dialogue box; this means any formatting or text styles you have won’t transfer over anyway. Make the format as simple and straightforward as possible. One other thing to consider is that if you’re posting it on your website, you need to think about keywords you’re using. Try to write it in a way that describes clearly how well experienced you are, while using keywords employers might be using to find candidates.


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