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The One Unexpected Secret To Landing Your Dream Job

Landing your dream job is a possibility that many aspire to, yet few reach. Why? Is it something as complicated as understanding yourself, getting trained, going through a million more steps until you reach your pinnacle? Or is there an easier answer in place, one that is reachable inside all of us? Hint: it’s the latter, and it’s a lot simpler, quicker to access and applicable in more places than you think.

You’re probably more than curious to know what this simple secret is, that one little nugget that stands in the way of you right now and you working at your dream job. You may have also attended workshops, hired a business coach, gone back for a degree or two, or read hundreds of articles on how to carve out that path for yourself.

And you may be wondering why we’re drawing out the anticipation on revealing the big secret. Are you ready to know what it is? Here you go:


That’s it; it really is as simple as that. Well, it does involve a bit more than that, so read on to find out why you haven’t been using this one, awesome tip.

Get Your Experience Up to a Good Level

Before you can even think about asking for your dream job, you have to make sure you’re actually read to step into it. There’s a saying that goes along the lines of to be prepared to take advantage of an opportunity, you have to have the building blocks in place. Frederick Banting may have discovered insulin by accident, but he knew what he was looking at because he had worked tirelessly beforehand to get himself ready for anything. No matter what your dream job is, you have to be ready to step into it the moment you ask for it, because you never know if you’ll hear a “yes” right away or not.

Learn How to Talk to People

Networking is just one of those skills you need to have in your back pocket, no matter how you feel about it. Unless you’re one of five people in the world who are so brilliant at anything they touch, you’ll have to learn how to network.

One of the most patronizing things people can say to those who feel anxious about talking to others is “it’s easy”. For social butterflies who have no problem walking into a room and leaving it having made friends with everyone, yes, it’s easy. But for the rest, you may as well be asking them to solve quantum theory while juggling 50 flaming torches. Instead, networking is doable: billions of people do it everyday, so it’s not a skill that’s out of reach for you. It may just be something you have to work at a little harder than others, but it’s certainly not anything restricted to intelligence, class, education or appearance.

Always Carry Representation of Yourself

What’s the quickest way to back up your claims? The ability to whip out a resume and business card when the topic comes up. One is a summarized version of your accomplishments, and the other is a neat way of storing your contact information in one spot. Having your resume always on hand may not be entirely practical, but if you’ve got room in your briefcase or purse for anything else, then you’ve got room for your resume. And if you don’t, consider having a digital version of your resume you can AirDrop if requested.

Your business cards should be clean, elegantly designed, and reflective of both who you are and the industry you want to break into. If you’re looking to become a systems analyst, then your business card should read more simply than if you’re trying to break into graphic design. Take time to design something really nice and don’t take any money shortcuts. Your business card is an extension of yourself, so make sure it’s as accurate and faithful a representation of yourself as possible.

Remember, the key to landing your dream job is often as simple as just asking for it. But before you can go in and convince other people why you’d be perfect for the position, you have to have all your other ducks in a row first.


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