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5 Reasons to Hire a Military Veteran
If you own your own business and have grown large enough, you’ll need to hire employees. The trick of finding the right people to fit into your company is difficult, as it usually takes trial-and-error to find the right matches. However, one class of people have skill sets that set them apart from the general population: military veterans. They bring a package to the table that not many others do, so we’ll take a look at what makes them so special.

Military Veterans Understand Teamwork

One of the most basic concepts drilled into military personnel when they first start out is learning how to use those around them as a team. Almost nothing in the military is powered by individual efforts, but rather by people understanding their separate roles and how they work together. This is also one of the most important qualities you can look for in an employee, because you know that whatever else happens, they won’t try and take everything on themselves.

Military Veterans are Leaders

Working in the military is not like working as a civilian. In the civilian world, employees can languish in their positions for years without every moving up the corporate ladder, but that’s frowned up in the military world. From the day they start, military personnel are trained to be leaders in various ways, and expected to move through the ranks according to schedule. If they don’t, they’re examined closely to find out why not.

Military Veterans Work under Pressure

A regular desk job doesn’t require you to crunch numbers or file reports while you’re being shot at, so the conditions are a lot less stressful. For military personnel, though, they’ve learned to block out the outside world and still continue on their task efficiently. It’s this single-minded focus that allows military veterans to excel in the workforce because they’re able to get down to work right away and not let the small things distract them.

Military Veterans Have a Wide Array of Skills

A lot of the basic combat skills military personnel learned when they were in the service just isn’t practical or useful in the real world, but that only comprises a small set of what they’ve been trained in. Because veterans don’t usually work in one specific, narrow job their entire military careers, they’ve become handy people in a variety of sectors. This type of cross-training not only shows they’re capable of working in more than one area, but also saves you time in having to train them in those areas.

Military Veterans Generally Don’t Have Security Issues

When a person decides to enter the military, they have to submit to a full background check and undergo various clearances. The reason for this is the military is a highly sensitive operation, and they want to know they’re getting only the best candidates for the job. And you, as an independent business owner, get the luxury of someone else already having vetted them, so you know they don’t come with major baggage like other applicants would. This low-risk venture means your company is just that much safer than if you wanted to hire someone without a security clearance or background check.

While hiring a military veteran may not be the right option for every business owner, former active military personnel do make an easy demographic to choose from. The military is a highly regulated, uniform industry, which makes employees working there trained in skills that can carry over to every state. As well, the types of skills they’ve developed make them extremely valuable candidates in the civilian workforce.


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