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Coworker Stereotypes: Which Ones do You Work With?
Every business, even a self-employed business, has different personalities at play, with many of them easy to characterize in just a few words. Here are the X most common types--see if you recognize any.

Office Gossip

Perhaps the most common stereotype, the Office Gossip is always interested in the goings on of other people’s lives, but not as willing to share about their own. Be careful what you say to the Office Gossip because it will get around. Although it seems like the Office Gossip can’t be trusted, they can, if you manage them correctly.

The Pet

We’ve all seen this type—it’s the coworker who can do absolutely no wrong, probably because they have an in with management. Screwing up is seen more often than not with the The Pet, but good or poor effort, it just doesn’t matter. They’ll still get the plum assignments.

The Chatterbox

On one hand, The Chatterbox is great because all you have to do is not be comatose and the conversation keeps going. But if you’re actually looking to share thoughts and ideas, this is the wrong person to turn to. The main difference between the Office Gossip and The Chatterbox is the former delights in sharing rumors, whether factual or inaccurate, and the latter just likes to...talk. About anything. But mostly themselves.

The Slacker

Like, whatever man. Life is too chill for The Slacker to put in effort for anything. Instead, you’ll find The Slacker exerting as much energy as a sleeping opossum, and that’s when they’re excited. The downside is somehow, the tables will get turned on you and you’ll end up doing their tasks to save your own skin.

The Micromanager

Not just a title reserved for bosses, but for anyone who likes to have their hands in all pots, all the time. It’s not that they’re truly interested in all the details or nosy, but that they’re insecure about their own performance and overcompensate by going overboard.

The Hopeless Untechie

Heaven help you if you’ve got a question that goes beyond, “how do I bypass the firewall and use Facebook on office time?” The Hopeless Untechie doesn’t necessarily eschew every effort to learn about machines and technology, but that it’s either not presented to them in a way they can see will benefit them, or they’re really intimidated by the prospect of learning what seems like a gargantuan task.

The Trainwreck

Topics of conversation with The Trainwreck frequently center around how plastered they got over the weekend, their catastrophic romantic disasters, or any other problems they’re facing. With The Trainwreck, it’s a case of narrow perspective—they simply don’t realize that everyone faces tough stuff, and think they drew the shortest straw.

Wise Wo/Man

You’ve all seen this person at work—they’re the person who seems like they’ve been there forever, and are content to never rise as high as their competencies would suggest. They’re a very good ally to have, and it’s important that you don’t screw them over because if you do, you don’t get many second chances. They’ve just seen too many people come and go to bother with everyone except those who are genuinely interested.

These are just eight of the most common office stereotypes, and there are undoubtedly a lot more. If we’ve missed any, let us know which work personality stereotypes you’ve noticed at your job.


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