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Top Mobile Jobs to Work at for Travel-Lovers
A love of traveling means workers either have to be bankrolled to indulge in their passion, or find a job they can take with them. As it’s a lot easier to go with the latter, here are the most common jobs that you can pack in a suitcase and take with you.

1. Tour Guide

This is probably the easiest way to work and travel at the same time, and it definitely requires a love of traveling. Workers who operate as tour guides, for the most part, link up with an existing agency and perform various travel-related services, from general guided group tours to more specialized one-on-one tours. A small handful of those break out on their own and start up their own tour companies.

2. Freelance Writer/Photographer

It’s a hard field to break into at the best of times, but adding an element of travel can make it easier. There are hundreds of magazines in this country that deal with travel-related content and are willing to pay for articles or photographs. Tip: don’t work on spec, or negotiate a kill fee if you do.

3. ESL Teacher

The jobs are fairly easy to get and usually require little more than a Bachelor’s degree (some countries may require extra certification, like TOEFL or TESL). Usually, the cost of living is heavily subsidized, and ESL teachers are able to save a good amount each month. And with travel being cheaper in Asia, Europe and Africa, ESL teachers can see a lot of the world without spending too much.

4. Nurse or Doctor

One of the unique features about being a medical professional is the job requires no translation. No matter what country you work in, broken bones and suturing lacerations is the same. The method might vary a little based on the available supplies and each country might have a different word for body parts, but medically caring for people can be done anywhere with the same knowledge.

5. Cruise Line

Depending on the size of the cruise ship, there can be anywhere from dozens to hundreds of jobs available, and each one offers a mix of sea and dryland experiences. A bonus comes in the way of having your room and board paid for, with expenses usually coming in the way of getting to and from the ship’s docking point.

6. Field Engineer

Engineers are found in just about all areas of life and industry, and can work in really far-flung places of the world. The trick is to survive the education and training necessary, as an engineering degree is one of the most difficult and time-consuming to get. But if workers are serious about it and put in the necessary years of sacrifice, they can be rewarded with a cushy income and traveling on the company’s dime.

7. Pilot/Flight Attendant

Becoming a pilot takes years of school and work and the big salaries can take a long while to set in, while flight attendants start at a semi-decent wage but don’t usually cap out at a terribly high income. However, it’s not the promise of fast and easy money that draws people in, but the chance to visit multiple continents—and get paid for it—in the span of a month. The hours are tough and constantly changing time zones takes a toll, but not much compares to the thrill of flying and waking up in a new country each week.


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