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Fastest Growing Careers in 2014

A new year means new data on what the hot jobs of tomorrow are, and some of the careers on this list may surprise you.

  • 1. Biomedical Engineers: You’ll need to become very highly educated (and pay a lot in tuition), but the payoff will be worth it. Approximately 11,600 more people will start making new healthcare equipment, and be compensated a median salary of $77,400.


  • 2. Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst: This career tops the list with an expected job growth of 54.6% through 2014, and people who work in this field are responsible for building networks from scratch. Starting pay is around $42,000, but can rise as high as $115,000/year—possibly more, if you’re an incredibly skilled freelancer.


  • 3. Healthcare Aides: Work as an in-home healthcare aide nabs the prize for runner up on this list. Depending on the sector and state, employees can expect to make about upwards of $19,910. It’s not a huge salary, but about 1.3 million jobs are expected to open up by 2020.


  • 4. Computer Applications Software Engineer: The people who create computer programs and software apps will make about $50,000 at the start and nearly triple that over the lifetime of their career ($130,000.) On average, this career is expected to grow about 39%.


  • 5. Veterinary Technologists and Technicians: One of the first sleepers on this list, there’s a predicted 41% increase by 2016 and pay seems to be at least $27,750.


  • 6. Personal Financial Advisers or Examiners: Although there’s also an expected 41% increase, it only amounts to 11,100 new jobs. But if you can land one, you’ll be bringing home a median salary of $32,000 as an adviser and $70,930 as an examiner.


  • 7. Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artists: There were only about 2,000 people making opera singers look appropriately heartbroken in 2006, but that figure is expected to spike by 39.8%. And while the pay starts around $22,850, speak to the right people and earn up to $117,000.


  • 8. Medical Assistant: If you already work in healthcare as a personal aide worker but don’t mind extra education, you may start off at $26,290 but can easily earn up to $81,230 later on in your career. And in the next couple of years, your skills will get snapped up about 39% faster.


  • 9. Veterinarian: Again making the leap from assistant to star player brings a leap in pay, with an annual salary anywhere from $51,500 to $144,000. And while 22,000 vets are expected to be hired in the next 7 years, you’ll have a much better chance of employment in rural areas.


  • 10. Substance Abuse and Disorder Counselor: You’ll need to get your Master’s to be licensed as a counselor and help people with substance abuse issues. But get that degree, and be rewarded with another 23,400 jobs through 2020 and be paid at least $35,950.


  • 11. Skin Care Specialists: By 2016, the projected increase is 34.3%, with those who make others look good getting remunerated $28,730.


  • 12. Financial Analyst: A Bachelor’s degree might getting you face-to-face with the door, but a Master’s will open it. And once you’ve walked through it—and wrapped your head around working more than 40 hours/week—open your paycheck to find anywhere from $47,000 to $150,000 written on it.


  • 13. Dental Assistant: As the population ages, seniors will need more dental care and an extra 36% of you will be there to provide it, with a median salary of $32,380.


  • 14. Biochemists and biophysics: Get in on the science side of biotechnology, and 8,700 new jobs will open up with an annual median salary of $82,840—but you’ll need a lot of specialized education.


  • 15. Physical Therapist Assistants: Once you graduate from an accredited two-year program, become accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association, and then possibly complete extra testing and licensing, you’ll be pulling in at least $41,410 (or $23,760 as an aide.)



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