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Guide to Health and Medical Jobs

Types of Health and Medical Jobs


One of the most respected roles in healthcare can be considered to be that of the doctor. Although people do not commonly realize it, it takes numerous years to be able to fulfill all of the requirements that are associated with becoming a doctor. The program is so detailed and intense that some people have been known to simply quit after a few months or a year of studying. Even though this is not an ideal occupation for everyone, many consider it to be one of the most respected ways to provide care to patients and people in need within our society.


Nursing remains to be one of the most popular and in demand positions in healthcare. Despite this fact, there are always shortages for nurses and almost every hospital needs more nurses of some sort. There are many different types of nurses and nursing programs, meaning that their tasks and responsibilities varies greatly depending on their experience level. Although the program is very intense and demanding, it can provide individuals with many prospective opportunities within the medical field.

Home Health Aides

The role of the home health aide is always growing within the medical industry. This option is a great choice for individuals who are interested in working within healthcare but do not want to invest a lot into pursuing a degree or certification yet. Home health aides are responsible for taking care of many of the needs of individuals who ill or injured at home. They provide services such as cleaning up around the house or helping with personal care, such as bathing.

Medical Assistants

Being employed as a medical assistant is probably one of the most advertised opportunities that is available. By studying for around a year to two years, individuals can learn everything that they need to know in order to become a medical assistant. This will enable them to organize patient files, check patients in, handle medical coding and billing, and many of the other tasks that medical assistants are responsible for at the front desk of the hospital or clinic. Some medical assistants also help the doctor or nurses in their clinic more directly.


Orderlies have a role very similar to that of home health aides, except their work is generally performed within a hospital or clinical setting. They handle much of the personal care and assist patients with anything that they might not be able to do on their own, such as putting on clothes. However, they also take patients to examination rooms and procedure rooms as needed as well. This is a good position for those who are looking to work within the hospital to gain more insight into the healthcare system and potential future job opportunities.

Medical Assistant Jobs

The role of the medical assistant is one of the most popular and in demand jobs that is currently available. Not only does it provide a steady income and allow room for growth within the medical industry, it is also fairly easy and quick to attain assuming that the individual enrolls in a program that is suitable for their needs. This is an ideal employment option for those who are interested in working within the medical field, but are not yet ready to take the step towards working as a nurse or even as a doctor.

Depending on the type of education program that the individual is working on, the role of working as a medical assistant can be attained by gaining an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Some programs work on a “hybrid” basis, allowing students to work at their own pace and finish more quickly if they want to. Other programs offer advanced classes so that degrees and certifications can be attained more quickly, if necessary. However, the majority of medical assistant programs last for around two years or less. This is the very minimal and very basic amount of teaching needed in order to attain most of the skills associated with the position. In the very least, individuals can get a certificate within a year’s worth of studying. However, getting an associate’s degree provides the most opportunities and the best results.

Medical assistants are known for providing a variety of different services to medical professionals and patients. They are able to help patients with checking in and input much of the data into the system that is written within the patient files. Sometimes they may take vital signs and handle some of the very basics, however, they tend to focus more on handling record keeping, medical coding, and filing charts. For this reason, they are usually prone to handling the reception work at the front desk with patients.

The general salary of a medical assistant is around $30,000. Of course, this is not one of the most high paying jobs within the medical industry; however, many people begin with this job because it allows them to make enough of a salary to help fund their other endeavors within the medical field. There are countless opportunities for employment as a medical assistant, so it makes it easy for individuals to get some general experience within the medical industry while still attending school to study other programs for becoming a nurse, surgeon, doctor, or many of the other opportunities that are available.

Doctor Jobs

Working as a doctor is one of the most in demand roles within the medical industry. Although it pays very well, it requires a large amount of studying and training in order to gain this type of expertise. Not everyone knows that they want to become a doctor initially; in fact, there are many people who begin to study to become a nurse or a surgeon and later determine that working as a doctor would be the most suitable occupation for them. The requirements associated with this type of role tend to vary depending on the individual’s location, however most of the main aspects remain the same.

Generally speaking, because working as a doctor can be so demanding, people are usually advised to do some volunteer work or take an internship before they devote themselves to committing to the program. There are many people who enroll in the courses necessary to become a doctor and then realize that it is not the best choice for them after they have dealt with the long hours and the intense interactions. It’s not a stress-free job, but many people find enough gratification in knowing that they are having a positive effect in other people’s lives.

Individuals are required to pass from a four year university and then proceed to medical school. The educational background that is required to become a doctor is fairly extensive, which is another reason why it is recommended that people should consider whether or not they truly want to work within this role in the medical industry before they devote too much of their time to it and determine it’s not an ideal match. Individuals are also required to score a certain percentage on their tests during this period and then eventually focus on working within a residency period, which is paid.

Not everyone who wants to become a doctor makes it throughout the entire program. There are many tests and requirements that need to be met during the several years of study that are required to gain the skill and expertise needed to successfully become a doctor. During residency, doctors earn a salary of around $44,000 – however, this salary increases after the individual has officially earned their credentials as a doctor and has successfully worked within a hospital or practice for an extended period of time. Ultimately, although working as a doctor is a very promising career, it is also a role that is not suitable for those who are seeking a quick program or an immediate pathway into the medical industry.

Orderlies Jobs

The role of the orderlies is a very important and helpful aspect within the medical industry. These individuals are responsible for the personal care of many of the patients which are present in hospitals or checking in to a local doctor’s office. They work directly under the orders of nurses and take care of many of the smaller, yet still important aspects associated with caring for patients. This can include assisting patients in bathing, eating, dressing, and many of the other personal aspects that are sometimes more difficult to attend to when feeling ill or injured. They are also responsible for transporting people throughout the hospital and taking them to various rooms for exams, procedures, or operations.

This type of role is best suited for those who would like to focus on working with the elderly or the sick. It is very similar to the type of work that can be experienced when working as a home health aide, although orderlies have a few other responsibilities that are not commonly found within the terms of home health. It is not one of the most well-paying or high-paying salaried positions, but it does provide these individuals with the opportunity of assisting others who are in need and gaining more insight into some of the other careers that are available within the medical field. Orderlies have many opportunities to interact with doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and many other medical professionals within a hospital or clinical setting.

Generally, there is not an extensive medical background required for this type of work. Individuals should have their high school diploma and should have several forms of certification. Certification is usually to show that the individual knows how to handle CPR and a few of the other various aspects of care that are necessary, such as first aid. Individuals can get training and more information about these types of certification by going to their local Red Cross organization or contacting a hospital within the area.

People who work within this role make around $18,000. However, there have been cases where some orderlies were able to earn around $34,000 because they also had credentials to work as certified nurse’s assistant. Depending on what the experience level of the individual is and if they have any other certifications, it can be possible to increase the salary up to $34,000 if the individual is willing to work on a full-time basis. Additionally, those who have these extra certifications have a better chance of finding other job opportunities and growing within the industry.

Nurse Jobs

The role of working as a nurse is probably one of the most respected out of the many healthcare workers that exist within the medical industry. It is estimated that there are around over two million nurses that work within the industry already. Even though it seems that there is such a large amount of nurses, there is actually a shortage of available nurses around the world. As a result, the position of working as a nurse is always in demand.

There are many different programs and degrees that are available for those who want to become a nurse. This is mainly due to the fact that there are many different types of nursing positions to choose from. Individuals who are interested in working within this role will have to consider what type of nursing they feel would be their best match and how much time they are ultimately willing to devote towards studying in a program. Not all programs are created the same and some will last longer than others.

Individuals will be expected to pass the courses within the program with a certain grade and pass the exam for certification with an acceptable grade as well. There are also other requirements which are generally mentioned by the state board of nursing, so this should be considered in addition to any of the points mentioned by the program of choice. Generally, there will be a few clinical examinations where individuals will also have to show what they have learned to their instructors in a hospital setting.

Those who want to be nurses will have to consider if they are willing to dedicate themselves to this type of career. It will be necessary to take courses on a regular basis almost every year in order to ensure that the individual always has the most updated information on how to treat and interact with patients. Additionally, there are many other aspects that are essential for ensuring that licensure is maintained throughout each year. Like many other medical positions, this is a role where individuals must actively use their skills and study on a regular basis in order to ensure that they are getting a proper education and providing their patients or clients with the best results possible.

The salaries associated with this job tend to vary depending on the level of nursing that the individual is providing to patients, as well as where they are employed at. The most highest paid salary is found with registered nurses, though this can vary depending on whether the nurse is working within a hospital or a clinic setting.

Home Health Aide Jobs

The role of the home health aide is considered to be one of the most actively growing areas within the medical industry. It has been stated that this particular field will probably continue to rapidly grow until around 2018. As a result, the position is very in demand and is considered to be fairly promising in most cases. Home health aides are known for providing care to those who are disabled, injured, rapidly aging, and a variety of other scenarios which may merit the need for assistance in personal care. It is an ideal role for those who are seeking a way to help people within the medical industry but feel as if working as a nurse would not be the perfect fit for them on a professional level.

Perhaps one of the key points that makes the role of the home health aide so interesting to many people is because it does not require the need of a degree. Individuals who are interested in becoming home health aides do not have to go through any extensive programs or study for their degree or a certification in order to earn the right to work within this position. This is because they only provide general care to individuals, such as helping them with bathing or cleaning around the house. Sometimes they may help with checking vital signs or provide dosages of medication when necessary.

In most cases, individuals who want to become home health aides need to have around 75 hours of training and must also have 16 hours of supervised work. In order to ensure that they have learned everything that they need to know for the position, they need to pass a competency evaluation or sometimes a short certification program. The process is fairly quick and simple, allowing it to be a great contrast to some of the requirements necessary for becoming a nurse. The general pay for home health aides is around $18,000 if they are working full time. Although this is not a large amount of money in terms of other medical roles that are available within the industry, many people use it as a way to start working with other people and gaining the experience they need while they pursue other educational aspects of their goals within the medical industry. There are many people who begin by working as a home health aide and then later begin to focus on studying to become a nurse or a medical assistant. Likewise, many people use this option to help them supplement their income while they attend medical school.


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