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Guide to Freelance Jobs

Types of Freelance Jobs


Freelance writing is a very popular employment opportunity which can be found easily online. Whether a company needs articles or even white papers, most of this type of work is generally handled by freelance writers. As long as someone has a strong handle of the English language and how to use it correctly, they can generally work as a freelance writer to some extent, regardless of age or previous experience levels. In some sense, this is an “entry level” type of freelance job because it is easy to start at a lower level of work and then gain experience towards a higher level of expertise.


he role of the freelance editor is one of the most popular jobs that are typically available online. The individual may edit through a variety of websites and focus mainly on editing articles or they may work on larger projects, such as editing for a magazine or editing manuscripts. Almost everyone has their own preference of editing style and content to be edited. Although it is an in-demand type of position, there are now many companies which prefer to only hired freelance editors which have had previous experience writing for high quality magazines and other publications.

Virtual Assistant

Those who are seeking to take their office experience or secretarial experience to the next level may have an interest in pursuing the freelance role of the virtual assistant. Companies hire these types of individuals to answer emails, questions, provide customer service, send and receive documents, arrange appointments, and many other tasks on a daily basis. This work is done on the behalf of the company or the client and helps them to ensure that everything is organized. It’s preferential to many companies because it allows them to outsource their work and ensure everything is handled on a prompt basis without having to invest into the full salary of a new employee.

Graphic Artist

The need for graphic artists is always demanding, especially in the world of freelancing. There is always going to be a company or corporation that needs someone to create graphic art for a website or an advertisement. Many people use their freelance graphic artist experience to help them develop a more extensive portfolio. However, there are also many graphic artists that rely on their freelance work to supplement their income until they are hired for more groundbreaking opportunities on a professional level.

Web Design

Individuals who are particularly skilled with creating graphics and working on their own designs may want to consider lending some of those qualities to the industry of web design. There are many different aspects of web design which can be considered, whether an individual is interested in working with coding or completely designing an entire website. This is a promising job to have in terms of freelancing because individuals have the opportunity to name their own price for each project and work independently instead of having to work within web design groups.

Freelance Editor Jobs

The role of the freelance editor is equally demanding as the role of general editor, if not more. This position requires all of the typical qualifications that many have come to associate with the role of editing on a daily basis. Individuals need to be able to show that they have strong experience within refining the usage of the English language and further articulating the thoughts of the previous writer without having lost any of the main points. It is a role that demands attention to detail and a somewhat strong understanding of the English language. Generally, someone with previous academic experience and professional experience is preferred.

This is not to say that the realm of freelance editing only accepts people who have an extensive resume about their experience level. There are many individuals who work as editors online and have started from an “entry level” type of opportunity, allowing them to develop their experience as their work has progressed over time. However, there are many companies and clients that would prefer to only work with freelance editors which have a proven track record of having edited for well-known names and clients. Some clients prefer to only work with editors that have had their edited work published in some format as well. These types of aspects depend purely on the preferences of the client, company, or agency overall.

Having at least a bachelor’s degree is recommended for this type of work. This will ensure that the individual has a strong foundation in terms of grammar and various types of language usage. It is also preferential because pursuing a degree generally ensures that individuals will memorize some of the many forms of writing styles and writing manuals that are available. This is essential since clients will request various formats for written work, such as APA format.

The amount of money that can be made while freelancing also tends to vary. Some people are able to work based on their own rates and prices, which is generally the best way to ensure the possibility of a promising income. However, in many cases, rates are handled per word or per page and may be set by the client or the agency already. While this has been a controversial subject for many editors and writers, there are still many agencies and companies which are willing to pay a reasonable rate as long as the editing work that is provided in return is fairly high quality. As a whole, there are many freelance editing opportunities available online and locally.

Freelance Graphic Artist Jobs

Those who are more creatively inclined may find that working as a freelance graphic artist can be a great way to supplement their income in the meantime. This is a position which generally requires a solid educational background in order to gain any true success within the industry. People who are professionally working as graphic artists typically have at least a bachelor’s degree or related equivalent in terms of their educational background. The focus is to have a strong amount of experience in traditional training via an art school or some form of university which has offered a program on graphic design.

Typically speaking, most graphic artists have some form of freelance that is used to supplement their income. This is generally because it is challenging to keep a consistent amount of work within this industry, especially if the individual is fresh out of school and fairly new. Consistent work can be difficult to gain if the individual does not have a sturdy portfolio of previously fulfilled works and successful projects that have been worked on with several established clients or companies. Freelancing allows graphic artists to improve on their portfolio and gain some extra money in the meantime by trading their services or working on projects that they would typically not get to work on professionally.

The issue with the role of the graphic artist is that it is highly competitive. As a result, even when someone is willing to focus on freelance graphic artist positions, they are more likely to encounter a lot of competition in the meantime. If someone has a strong portfolio and can provide substantial quality that is not able to be compared to other graphic artists within their area, they may be more likely to have a more successful freelance career. Many graphic artists use their freelance graphic artist career to help build upon their professional career and open the doors towards more opportunities.

Despite how challenging and competitive this industry can be, there is a lot of room for improvement and many opportunities to earn a great salary from it. Experienced graphic artists can make hundreds and thousands of dollars per project, which makes it a great incentive for those who are learning graphic design. Pursuing other related graphic artist degrees and programs during the time that is spent freelancing is a great way to ensure that individuals are able to broaden their scope of potential clients and opportunities that may be awaiting them since graphic artist opportunities are highly based on experience and quality more than anything else.

Freelance Virtual Assistant Jobs

The role of the virtual assistant can be a very promising opportunity. With the amount of companies and corporations that need to handle paperwork and documents on a daily basis, the world of a freelance virtual assistant is almost always in demand. Within the past decade, this has become especially true because many companies have determined that outsourcing their work to other individuals by using the internet has proven to be the best way that they can remain cost efficient and ensure that the work is being done properly without having to take on more employees into their own company in the meantime.

Working as a freelance virtual assistant does not require any specific training or expertise. Although there are some companies that will prefer a certain educational level or background, truthfully almost anyone can work as a virtual assistant. Some companies tend to have more preference towards individuals who have previously worked within an office setting or have offered their services as a secretary to other companies previously. These types of employment settings listed in experience will prove that individuals have the skill sets necessary to provide quality work as a virtual assistant.

The main aspect that is a means of concern for anyone who is interested in being a virtual assistant is found more often in whether or not an individual is comfortable with working with technology. This is a position where individuals may need to handle video calls, work with documents, answer emails, fax documents, and work with many other technological appliances on the behalf of their client or company. If the individual does not have a solid background in working with office applications and other related tools, the role of a virtual assistant may not be the best choice within the freelance industry.

The salary associated with freelance virtual assistant jobs tends to vary. Generally speaking, it’s better to get work with a local company or a well-known corporation because they will be more willing to provide a solid and reliable salary as a form of compensation for the work that is being done. There are many virtual assistant opportunities which can be found online, however. Individuals need to be mindful of some of the current hourly rates that are associated with this type of position outside of freelancing so that they can at least get something comparable when they are working on it from a freelance perspective. Overall, working as a virtual assistant can be an ideal way to make a decent income or supplement a current income.

Freelance Web Design Jobs

Individuals who have experience with coding or graphic art may find an interest in the prospect of working within freelance web design. This is an ideal option for those who are highly experienced with handling web site coding and designing various templates or layouts for a variety of different site formats. Freelance web design is more successful for individuals who have professional and educational experience with these aspects. However, there are many people who have succeeded in freelance web design from skills that they have created and refined on their own over a period of time.

Depending on the type of school that the individual prefers to go to, web design skills can be acquired from the use of an associate’s or master’s degree. If the individual prefers to go to an art or design school, there are sometimes some additional programs and courses that can be taken to gain certifications in things like coding languages and various types of web designs. These can be greatly helpful in securing consistent work within a freelance web design career while building the experience that is necessary for a professional career in the meantime.

Web design is a popular freelance option because of the salary that is associated with it. A well-designed website can pay well within hundreds and thousands of dollars for the entire project, just depending on the company that is requesting the work. Working independently ensures that individuals can name their own price or work without worrying that they won’t get the entire percentage of their share (which is more common for those who are working underneath the assistance of an agency.) Freelancing pays more when individuals have a background of previous experience and a solid portfolio of work to share with clients, because it helps to fight against the stigma that many people freelance without having professional experience.

Finding freelance web design opportunities can be very challenging, however. In contrast to other types of freelance work, this option is the most difficult to find because many companies and clients prefer to just have their sites designed and coded by people who only work within the industry itself, leaving no room for freelancers. However, it is possible to gain more success within freelancing if the individual is willing to promote their skills and portfolio within the industry; such as showing off freelance work during an internship or actively contacting professional companies which may be in need of graphic and web design in the future. Like any other freelance opportunity, it requires individuals to be very assertive in their goals and approach towards marketing themselves.

Freelance Writer Jobs

Perhaps one of the most well-known freelance jobs that is available can be found in the role of the freelance writer. Freelance writing is an opportunity that can be suitable for individuals from a variety of educational backgrounds. Whether you have a high school degree or a doctorate, you can be a freelance writer, assuming you have a good command of your language skills and are able to articulate your thoughts onto a page fairly easily. However, many freelance writing jobs have clear preference to individuals who have a higher educational background because it allows employers to ensure that they will be hiring someone who is knowledgeable and experienced within the writing industry.

Regardless of what your major may have been while you were attending college or university, you can work as a freelance writer. Obviously, some preference is given to individuals who majored in English or other related language studies. However, it is not a requirement; in fact, some clients will prefer to work with individuals whose expertise can be found in other industries because it can be particularly helpful towards describing a niche more accurately. In example, a client who is more well-known for medical related topics may prefer to deal with a writer who has academic and professional experience within the medical industry instead of a writer who has experience only within the writing industry.

Although being a freelance writer may not be challenging itself, finding work as a freelance writer is what makes the experience frustrating. Initially, it can be hard to find work if you do not have a solid portfolio of published clips from various sources. Some writers resort to working for content mills or other related clients until they are able to create a solid portfolio to use in order to promote themselves to other companies and agencies. The key towards success as a freelance writer is to be able to be knowledgeable enough to cover a variety of niches and topics while writing; however, it is equally essential to be able to promote yourself and your services to as many people as possible.

In that regard, freelance writers who have a bachelor’s degree or beyond – or those who are working towards that point – are more likely to be able to gain more access to writing opportunities if they know how to promote their educational experience in a variety of formats. Individuals who already work within the writing industry in some way as their primary job, such as by working as an editor or secretary, can also use these opportunities to promote their freelance work and roles on the side.


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