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Guide to Employment Agency Recruiters

What is an Employment Agency?

You may have heard the term employment agency before, but do you really know what it is? The basic definition is an organization helping employees connect with employers offering positions suitable to their qualifications. However there is much more to know and learn than that. The following tips will offer you guidance into what an employment agency is, the associated benefits of working with one, and how to be successful.

How do Employment Agencies Work?

Employment agencies help companies find temporary help and help job seekers find temporary work. Some will place full time, permanent employers as recruiters to help organizations find good employees, while others only fill temporary assignments. Job seekers don’t usually pay a fee and will get paid a fair wage for the work they do. The employment agency is paid by the companies who are looking for workers. For example, if they need a receptionist that usually pays $15 an hour, they might pay $20 or more an hour to the agency, and the agency pays the job seeker $15 an hour while the remaining money is their fee.

What Happens When you Apply for an Employment Agency

When you first apply for an agency, they will contact you for a time and day to meet with them. This will be similar to a job interview, where they find out what you’re looking for in a job, your qualifications and experience, look over your resume and have you fill out an application. You may also be asked to take tests such as for typing or certain computer applications. They will then contact you when they find an assignment that fits your qualifications.

The Type of Work Offered

Different employment agencies will offer different types of jobs. Some are industry-specific such as filling jobs for accounting, clerical work, manual labor, or healthcare jobs. Others are more general and are willing to recruit for nearly any type of job available. If you’re trying to decide on a temp agency, look for one offering the types of assignments you’re looking for. You may have to research and call around before making the right choice.

Tips for Success

If you want to be successful with an employment agency, communication is key. You should be open and honest with the recruiter, letting them know if you like the assignment they sent you on, and if they are asking anything more of you than what the original assignment asked for. This is for several reasons; one, you might be applicable to a higher pay if the job position has changed. They also need to be sure you’re being safe and not breaking the employment agency’s rules such as driving a company vehicle when this is not allowed. Lastly, use common sense when working for the company on assignment. Arrive on time, don’t call in sick often, and do the job you’re asked to do.

Benefits of Working with Employment Agencies

If you’re currently looking for a job but aren’t able to find one on your own, working with an employment agency is a great option. Aside from getting fast work, there are many benefits to working with employment agencies. You will find that you get a regular, steady paycheck, a choice of working opportunities, the benefit of working for a variety of companies, and of course getting good work experience to put on your resume.

Quick Work

Many times looking for a job can be very tedious, especially with minimal experience and lack of choices in your area. By working with an employment agency, you will be able to get quick work. You can often get to work and start earning a paycheck faster by choosing to work with an employment agency. Yes most of your work is temporary, but once an assignment ends, you will have new opportunities possibly by the next business day.

Potential Long-Term Employment

While most employment agencies are going to send you on temporary jobs that can be as little as a day or two, many of them offer long-term employment. Not only can you work assignments that last weeks or even months, but many employers like the job you do and will go on to hire you as a permanent, full time employee. The better you do, such as showing up on time, working hard, and following the company rules, the more chance there is of you being hired by the employer.

Work Experience

One of the biggest benefits to working with an employment agency is the work experience. Recent college graduates may have a new degree, but without experience it can be very difficult to find a job. Employment agencies usually place for entry level positions, meaning you get industry experience in your chosen profession which looks great on a resume and can help you further your career at a later date.

Career Choices

Another benefit of working with an employment agency is that you find out more about what you do or don’t want to do for a living. Getting hired permanently by a company you have never worked for is a risky decision. But with an employment agency, you can let your recruiter know I you don’t like the company or the type of position, and they will simply give you another assignment. You can actually pick and choose what size or type of company to work for, the type of job, the salary, location, and other specifics you’re looking for. You may also find that the job you thought you enjoyed, you don’t like as much as others.

Types of Employment Agencies

There are many different types of employment agencies, many more than you might imagine. Temp agencies, which is what most people think of when thinking of employment agencies, is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many different agencies out there that work with potential employees and employers looking for new recruits. The following will show you the different types of employment agencies that work closely with people looking for work and companies who need temporary or full-time employees.

Traditional Employment Agency

The first type of employment agency is a traditional one in which may or may not charge a fee to get work. You will work closely with a recruiter who helps you find the kind of job you want. Most of them don’t charge a fee to the job seeker because they get fees paid by the employers looking for workers, but some pay charge a fee if they hire for certain specialties.

Contingency Employment Agency

As opposed to a traditional or temp agency who gets paid each week after the employee puts in their hours, a contingency employment agency only gets paid when their candidate is hired full time by the employer. This type of employment agency joins employees and employers together, but for permanent work status not temporary assignments. These are often industry-specific jobs where the employer wants a permanent, full time employee but doesn’t want to put in the time to recruit them.

Employer Search Firm

A more uncommon type of employment agency is one that is mostly communicating with the employers. Some employers hire a high number of employee son a regular basis, and want to hire a search firm to handle their hiring process. The agency will locate possible job candidates, do the interviewing and recruiting, and often make the final decision as to who will be hired by the company. Employer search firms may travel around the country looking for probably candidates.

Temporary Agency

The most common type of employment agency is called a temporary agency, or temp agency. This type of employment agency usually fills temporary jobs with applicants they have with their agency. Most jobs are temporary, such as companies who have a secretary on maternity leave or an accountant who became ill or injured and is out for a short period of time. When you work for a temp agency, you don’t pay any fees but are sent on different assignments. They can range from a 1-day assignment to several weeks or months. Some short-term assignments can turn into full time, permanent work which is quite common. Many employers simply want to hire temporary employees first before deciding whether or not to hire them full time.

How to Find Work with an Employment Recruiter

If you’re currently looking for a job, whether because you want a career change or finished college, you may find it is more difficult than you originally thought. However by choosing to work with an employment recruiter for a staffing agency, you can get a job quicker and easier. Employment recruiter are responsible for being the middle man between employer and employee. They will help you find a job that you’re qualified for, and help employers find temporary employees.

What is an Employment Recruiter?

An employment recruiter works for a staffing agency, also called a temporary agency or employment agency. They are the middle man between companies looking for short or long-term employees and people looking for a job. As a prospective employee, you will actually work for the employment agency, and the recruiter is the person you communicate with, tell what kind of job you want and who you form a close professional relationship with.

How do Employment Recruiters Find Work?

Most employment recruiters work for employment agencies that are well established in their area, so companies and employers come to them. They will be contacted with information such as the type of company, type of work to be done, how many employees they need, and how long the assignment will be for along with other details like the dress and pay scale. The recruiter will then contact employees (you) who they feel are qualified for the temporary position.

How to Find Work with an Employment Recruiter

To work with an employment recruiter, you may be contacted by the recruiter if they find your resume online, but many times you contact them first. You will meet with them in their office, in something similar to a job interview, let them know what kind of work you’re looking for, give them your resume and other work experience, and work together to find you the type of job you’re looking for. You should always be honest about what type of job you want, who you’re willing to work for, and certain industries that are appealing to you.

Tips on being Successful

To be successful in finding a job, always remain professional and open with your employment recruiter. If you don’t feel like an assignment is the right fit, let them know to pass you by and wait for a different position. It looks better when you don’t take an assignment at all rather than taking on an assignment and leaving it before the assignment is over. If you feel uncomfortable with a certain job you were sent on, you will let your recruiter know and they will something else that suits you better.

Getting Work Experience with Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies provide you with a wide variety of benefits including getting quick work after graduating from college, having a steady paycheck, and having something to put on your resume. When you first leave college it can be difficult getting a job, but by working with a staffing agency, you get the opportunity to get some work experience. Most staffing agencies find entry level positions by companies willing to give a shot to people who don’t have much experience. If you’re looking to get work experience, finding a temporary or short-term job with a staffing agency is a great option.

Meeting the Recruiter

The first step to getting work experience with staffing agencies is to meet with the recruiter. This will be similar to a job interview but with some minor changes. However when you meet the recruiter for the first time, you should dress and act as if this is a job interview. They aren’t going to place you with any of their trusted employers if you don’t look and dress presentable. Be prepared for your appointment, arrive on time, have all the necessary documents, and dress like you would for any other job interview. Be courteous and answer the interview questions honestly.

Resume, Application and Testing

The next step after the initial interview with the recruiter is filling out an application, handing over your resume and taking various tests. Staffing agencies will test you depending on what type of job you’re applying for, such as a phone test for customer service jobs, or various clerical tests like typing, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, filing and general office work testing. Before you arrive at the staffing agency, be sure you have proper documentation such as an updated resume printed out (even if you already sent them one), your social security card, driver’s license and anything else they asked for. You should also have a list of your business references for the application.

Choosing Work Assignments

Since you’re hoping to get more experience by working for the staffing agency, you should be a little pickier about the type of work assignments you choose. The recruiter will ask what kind of job you’re looking for, and you should be honest and straightforward. If your desired career is working in advertising, let them know you prefer a job assignment in this field, even if you start out as a receptionist or lower level employee. You will still be gaining appropriate work experience but also something amazing to put on your resume as someone wanting to get into that particular field. When arriving on assignment, be sure to be on time, not miss any work, and follow all of the employer’s rules.

Success Tips for Temp Agencies and Employment Recruiters

Choosing to do temporary work, such as for temp agencies, can be very beneficial to you. You may not be able to find a job right away but need a steady income, which temp agencies can provide you. You also get the option of turning away work and working for different companies until you find the right fit. The following tips will help guide you through the process of working for a temp agency and how to make the best of this choice of employment.

Choose the Right Temp Agency

Not all temp agencies are created equal and it’s important to choose one that is not only right for you but has a good reputation. Do a little research beforehand to find one in your area that has a high success rate and good ratings from current or previous employees. This agency is the organization helping you find a job and they should offer fair wages and helpful recruiters. If you meet with an agency that you don’t like, move on and find another one but don’t register with too many at one time.

Prepare Ahead of Time

You should always be prepared for your appointment with the temp agency’s recruiter. Make sure you have the address and know how to get there, understand the parking arrangements, and bring documentation that they asked for. This may include a job application already filled out, your resume printed out, driver’s license or other identification, social security card, and other paperwork. Leave earlier than you need to and arrive about 10-15 minutes early to fill out any paperwork before your interview.

Be Flexible but Honest

When looking for work with a temp agency, it can be tempting to go for any job they offer you. But it is important to find a good balance. You want to be flexible but you should also be honest with them about what you do or don’t want to do. However having too many specifications will make it hard to find the right job. If you prefer to work within 10 miles but are flexible to driving up to 30 miles to work, let them know that.

Communicate with your Recruiter

Communicating with your temp agency recruiter is essential, every step of the way. From the first time you meet and you’re discussing possible opportunities to working for a company and letting the agency know how it’s going. Check in with them even with a long-term assignment, letting them know if you do or don’t like how it’s going. If your assignment is going to be longer or shorter than anticipated, let your recruiter know as soon as possible.


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