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How to Interview for a Teaching Job

If you have always wanted to be a teacher and have graduated college with teaching credentials, it’s time to make your dream a reality. However the tricky part has yet to come; you still need to interview for the job. As someone who might be just getting out of college, you will need to find a school willing to hire a first-time teacher which in itself can be difficult. Your first interview might be intimidating and seem scary, but with the right preparations, it can go smoothly.

Preparing for the Interview

Before arriving for the interview there are some things you can do to better prepare for it. Start by learning more about the school, their values, the types of teachers working there, and the principal who will probably be interviewing you. This information can be helpful during the interview process. You should also compile a list of common questions an interviewer will ask you and practice by yourself or with others in answering these questions to the best of your ability. The more you practice the interview process and answering the difficult questions, the easier it becomes and the more comfortable you appear.

The Day of the Interview

On the day of the interview, you should have already gotten your clothes cleaned, printed out directions to the school and know the names of people you will be meeting, have your application and resume printed and filled out, and be leaving your home with plenty of time to spare. Try to arrive about 10-15 minutes early in case there is any paperwork you need to fill out when you arrive. You should dress professionally and act appropriately during the interview. Introduce yourself by shaking the hand of the interviewer, even if they don’t approach you first.

During the Interview

When the interview begins, remain confident by sitting up straight with your hands in your lap, avoid fidgeting, keep your cell phone turned off, and keep eye contact with the interviewer. When answering interview questions, you should be honest and confident, and work hard to show how passionate you are about education and teaching and why you have decided to become a teacher. Explain your educational background and any teaching experience if you have any. Don’t take over the interview, but answer questions in full when they’re asked.

Asking Questions

Toward the end of the interviewer, it is customary to ask you if you have any questions. You should always ask at least one question. Don’t ask about pay or benefits, but instead ask about the school, their teachers, philosophy, history of the school, or teaching practices.


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