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How to Get Hired as a School Principal

School principals are in charge of the administrative duties and operations at the school, including managing office and administrative staff, custodial staff, school nurses, teachers, substitute teacher, and other duties within the school. As the principal, it will be your responsibility to keep the school running smoothly and communicate with the school board about changes you want to make at your school and how to implement them. To be a school principal, you will need sufficient education and teaching experience.

Educational Requirements

To be a school principal, you must first be qualified to be a teacher. This requires at least a bachelor’s level degree from an accredit university or college and your teaching credentials. It is preferred you begin your work as a teacher first since principal positions are very limited. A master’s level degree in education is preferred for a principal position.

Begin your Teaching Career

If you have just finished college and have yet to start your teaching career, you can start by substituting. Choose the school district where you eventually want to be a full time teacher and school principal. Substitute for as many days and different classes as you can. With experience and dependability, schools that find a need for more teachers will contact their substitutes before hiring outsiders. Once you get a teaching job, continue being an outstanding teacher and employee of the school to get in the administrator’s good graces.

Work on your Master’s Degree

Most principal positions require a master’s level degree in education, administration, or management. While you are teaching, you should also be working on your high level degree. Once you finish this degree, contact the administrators of your school and inform them that you completed the master’s degree program. If you’re able to, you can go higher than a master’s degree by getting a ph.D in education. This is the best degree to have when you want to pursue a career as a school principal.

Go Above and Beyond

Even as a teacher, you can start doing more at the school, showing excellent leadership qualities and your passion for teaching students. Show an interest in the school’s administration areas and help out in whatever way you can. Volunteer at various school functions, offer to take one extra classes, come in early, and stay late. These are responsibilities required of a school principal and it is never too early to start doing things a principal is going to do. As a teacher, there are many ways you can help out students and staff of the school.


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