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How to Get a Job in Publishing

Working in publishing can involve any type of informative outlet including newspapers, magazines, books, online publications, print publications, journals, and other forms. Publishing jobs also vary such as writers, editors, photographers, graphic artists, typesetters, marketing and advertising experts, customer service, and more. To be in publishing, you will need a college education and possibly some experience, though this depends on the type of job you’re going for and whether or not it is an entry level position.

Educational Background

To work in publishing, you should start with your education. The education you will get depends on the type of publishing job you want. For example, if you want to start your own publishing firm, aim for a high level English or business degree, while a writer might get a degree in journalism or creative writing. This requires knowing what job in publishing you want first. If you aren’t sure and have many interests, choose a broad degree that could get you several different job opportunities.

Start with an Internship

Many jobs in publishing require experience but it’s hard to get experience when nobody will hire you. It is a common catch-22 for college students. To remedy this, find an internship at a newspaper or magazine. You will work for free, but gain the experience required for a paid job in the industry. It also helps you learn what you do and don’t like about publishing and narrow down your job preferences.


Another great way to get hired in publishing is start networking early. You begin networking while you’re still in college, using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to form business relationships with people in the industry. In college, it might be other English or journalism students who you can then network back and forth with as you advance your respective careers.

Write an Impressive Resume

Your resume is what is going to get the attention of hiring managers at various publishing firms. It should show your dedication to publishing, your educational background, and any experience you have in publishing. If you started with an internship, you should definitely put that on your resume. Any publishing-specific courses you took should also be listed on the resume.

Start Your Job Search

When you’re ready, begin looking for a job in publishing. Be aware that the choices might be limited in the beginning but with the right experience and networking, you can get the job you’re looking for. Don’t give up even if it takes you longer than you expected to find the perfect publishing job.


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