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How to Get a Job in Digital Media

Thanks to the Internet, media has transformed from newspapers, magazines and television to digital forms such as online magazines and publications, social media, and mobile media platforms. If you want to work in digital media, there are dozens of job opportunities available. The type of job you choose will depends on your skills and talents, along with your interests and what you want to learn how to do. You can work in the creative field as a writer or art director, in media planning, content management, eCommerce, advertising, or many other job positions. The earlier you begin planning, the better chance you have of getting the job you want in digital media.

Choose an Area of Interest

You don’t have to decide now on the exact digital media job you want, but by choosing an area of interest you can narrow down your choices and begin preparing for your education. A college degree is preferred for most digital media positions and the major you choose should coincide with your area of interest. This may be directing or producing, writing, graphic design, marketing and advertising, business management, or other areas of digital media. Take into consideration your interests and your skill sets.

Start your College Education

Now that you have an area of interest for digital media, you can choose a college or university with the major you’re interested in. If you don’t know what classes to take for your job prospects, consult with your college advisor. They will map out a college course plan to be sure you get the education you need. Study hard and obtain the highest level degree you’re willing to get; this may be an Associate, Bachelor’s or even Master’s degree in media.

Get Involved in Digital Media

It also helps to be as involved as possible in media in general, such as joining a digital media association or club. Some are local to your city, county, or state, while others are national or even worldwide. This gives you opportunities for networking and learning more about the industry and various jobs that will be available after graduating from college. Stay up-to-date with changes to digital media and the overall digital landscape as it changes constantly.

Finding a Job

When you first graduate from college, you may need to start with volunteer work or unpaid internships in order to get experience. Many digital media positions require some experience, and doing an internship is a great way to do this. You should also be open to freelance work in the beginning until you get enough experience behind you in order to get a full time, permanent position within digital media.


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