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How to Get a Job in Advertising

If you’re interested in working in advertising, you will be responsible for helping other businesses market their products or services to the public. There are many different jobs available in advertising such as administration, management, graphic design, writing, directing, production, and more. Once you get hired with an ad agency, the opportunities are endless but it will take some preparation to get through the door.


As with most careers, the first step to getting a job in advertising is by getting the proper education. Focus on not only advertising as an industry, but the type of job you want within advertising. This may be in writing, designing, or coming up with catchy slogans. Take into consideration your interests and skills as they pertain to different advertising opportunities. Choose a college or university offering the type of degree, coursework, and major you need in order to get hired by an ad agency.


The hardest part of getting an advertising job is convincing an ad agency that you have what it takes to work for them. This is what makes internships so important. As an intern, you will start out being an office assistant and performing basic daily tasks for the ad agency. Over time, you will be able to convince your superiors of your qualities and why you make a good candidate for a full time, permanent position. This also gives you work experience if you decide to pursue an advertising job with another firm.


Another important aspect of getting a job in advertising is networking. By networking, you are getting to know students in college who also want to pursue advertising or media, as well as employees and managers of various ad agencies. There are many ways to do this, starting with your college career, to belonging to organizations and associations for advertising, social media platforms which provide free and easy ways of networking, and getting to know people at agencies you intern for.

Be Flexible

When you first begin looking for a permanent advertising position, you should also be flexible to different hours of working, including getting an unpaid internships, part time job, or entry level position. You might also need to start freelancing for an agency first before they are willing to hire you full time. This lets you showcase your schools while the firm’s hiring managers find out if you have what it takes to work for them. From the first time to step through the door, you should be impressing them and showing them how much you have learned.


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