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How to get a CNA Job After Being Laid Off

If you have recently gotten laid off from your job, it may be time to make a career change. Whether you worked in healthcare or a completely different field, you can take the courses in order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The nursing field, including CNAs, continues to be in demand even after the major economic crisis that caused the loss of thousands of jobs. By choosing CNA as your new career field, you increase the chance of getting a job after college. If you were previously laid off from your CNA job, that doesn’t mean you can’t get another one for a different healthcare center.

Education and Training

If you haven’t done so already, start by getting the proper amount of education and training in order to be a Certified Nursing Assistant. Most of the CNA courses aren’t long, a maximum of 1-2 years. Study hard and get to know the students and teachers as they can be great friends and networking associates for getting a job later on. You may need to get financial assistance for the CNA program which you can by filling out the Free Application for Student Assistance (FAFSA) form. This is a free federal application that lets you apply for student aid for the college you choose. If you plan to stay local, start looking at CNA programs in the area.

Job Placement

Some colleges offer job placement services for their recent CAN graduates so you should start there before pursuing jobs on your own. You might be able to get interviews from the counselor at your college for local healthcare centers and continuing care agencies. They will use your transcripts and reputation at the school as a means to getting an interview, but from there it is up to you.

Finding a CNA Job

There are many different methods for finding a job. You can start by looking in local classifieds, both in print publications and online. This will give you an inside look into who is hiring CNAs around. Next, sign up for employment agencies that hire healthcare positions. You might need to start as a temporary employee until you show excellent training and experience in order to obtain a full time position as a CNA. Next, call various health care centers, continuing care communities, and hospitals in your area to inquire about possible CNA positions. They might be hiring CNAs but not advertising it publicly.

Get Professional References

If you were previously a CNA that was laid off because the healthcare facility was struggling financially, get professional references from the facility. Contact supervisors, co-workers and administrative staff and ask for references; this is often the best way to get a new CNA job.


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