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How to Have a Successful Phone Screening

Not all employers will have a phone interview, but many do. The phone interview is like a screening that hiring managers use to decide which candidates should come in for a face-to-face interview. It is generally done a few days after receiving resumes or applications. Sometimes you will get a call of warning to schedule the phone interview, but other times it just comes out of the blue.

Expect it

The first thing to do for successful phone screenings is to expect it. If you have applied for a position, prepare for a phone screening even if you don’t know whether or not you will have one. Learning more about the company and preparing some sample questions and answers can make you ready for it just in case you get a surprise phone call.

Prepare For It

Once you know you are going to have a phone screening, you should start preparing for it. Like with a regular interview, you want to have a copy of your resume with you. This lets you go over the same information the hiring manager is so you can look at your work experience and the years where you worked at different companies. Learn more about the company by doing some research so you can answer any questions they ask about their company. You also want to have a piece of paper and pen for notes and use the clearest phone line available. Try not to use your mobile phone.

Practice Answering Questions

If you get nervous during interviews, you should be practicing answering the interview questions. Many of the same questions asked during a face-to-face interview will also be asked in some form or another during the phone screening. Ask someone to ask a series of questions so you can get used to answering them on the spot.

Smile While Talking

Always smile when you’re talking on the phone, and this makes your voice more positive and pleasant. Just because they can’t see you smiling or making a smirk, doesn’t mean they can’t hear it in your voice. Smile and have a pleasant demeanor throughout the entire phone interview.

Remove Distractions

If you know about the call beforehand, make sure you have removed all distractions. Choose a room in your home where you won’t get any distractions from kids or dogs, and keep the television turned off. If you’re using your landline for the interview, turn off your cell phone so it doesn’t break your concentration. Keeping a glass of water nearby is also helpful. Make sure not to ever interrupt the person talking and speak slowly and clearly, as voices get a bit muffled over the phone.

As long as you follow these tips, you have a great chance of having a successful phone screening. Treat it just like any other job interview.


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