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Let Recruiters Come to You

Finding a great job isn’t always about looking for the job yourself and applying for listings you find in the paper or online. Many job recruiters are in the business of looking for qualified candidates on their own. They will various resources for recruiting, including online job boards with listed resumes, social media and sites like LinkedIn. The following tips will help you get recognized by recruiters for positions you are qualified for.

Utilize Keywords

One of the main ways recruiters look for candidates is by using the job board’s search function. This gives you the perfect opportunity to select relevant keywords to include in your resume. You can also use keywords on your LinkedIn and other social media pages. Select keywords that have to do with the industry you want to work in, your professional skills, and the type of position you are looking for.

Have a Complete Profile

Always fill in your profile completely, whether it is LinkedIn or a job board like Monster. Make sure you include a professional photo of yourself, your name, education and as much work experience as is relevant and that you can fit in. Many sites have spaces for you to include special certificates and skills you have learned, so keep it organized.

Pay Attention to the Headline

When you are given the chance to name your resume online, this is going to be your headline. Make it as descriptive as possible while remaining within the maximum amount of characters. Include at least one of your main keywords you came up with, including a special skill you have and the type of job you are looking for. “Experienced data entry clerk; types 80WPM” describes the job you’re interested in as well as your keyword, that you have experience and a special skill you have.

Boast About Your Skills

Don’t hold back when describing your special skills, especially when they pertain to the type of job you’re applying for. If you have a professional certificate, learned a difficult computer program or can type extremely fast, by all means include it. Think about the industry you will be working in and what skills you have that those recruiters would be interested in.

Post Availability Status Updates

Speaking of social media networks, it doesn’t have to be an elaborate site like LinkedIn for recruiters to find you. A short status update on Twitter or Facebook (if it’s public) can also get you some attention. Not only that, some of your followers or fans might know a recruiter who is looking, and connect you with them.

Enter Your Location

To allow local recruiters to find you, make sure you always enter your location and whether or not you are willing to travel. Some companies are willing to pay for traveling expenses for the right candidate.


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