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Tips for Listing Temp Jobs on Your Resume

There are a wide range of benefits to choosing temp jobs, including learning valuable skills, having some great experience and making professional connections. Unfortunately, it can also be a little difficult to express the amount of experience you have had when you’re listing these jobs on your resume. There are a few different ways to go about it, as listed below.

Be Honest

Never lie about your work experience, unless you are omitting older positions. If you worked a temporary job, feel free to list it. If you don’t have much recent work experience other than your temp jobs, put them on your resume, but be detailed in what types of positions you had. If you worked for a temporary agency, you probably had several short jobs, so won’t be able to list them individually. Instead, group them together under the agency’s name. Make sure to list that it was a temporary job.

Summarize the Experience

Since you can’t really post the jobs individually on your resume, you should summarize the experience you learned from those temp jobs. Say for example, you worked for an agency that sent you to four different companies over a period of a year. Well, combine the total experience and skills you learned, and summarize them on your resume.

Remove Older Positions

If your temp jobs are several years old and you have had other employment more recently, you don’t need to include it at all. The longer you have been working, the more jobs you will have and you can’t always fit them all. Your resume should be one page in total, so keep this in mind when thinking about what to remove.

List the Agency, Not the Project

As mentioned previously, you want to enter your job as the agency, not the individual projects. This is because you were technically an employee of the temporary agency as they are who issued your paychecks. The exception is if a company hired you on as a temporary or seasonal worker, without going through an agency. This is where you are going to list your skills and types of jobs, rather than the individual positions or titles you had.

Include Only the Years

If it helps to organize your resume better and your temp jobs were very short, include only the years and not the months. This helps you get past the application process and have your resume considered. Then when you get into the job interview, you can explain exactly what these jobs were and how long you were at each one.

With these tips in mind, you can have an exceptional resume that shows how much experience you have had, even though much of it was from contingent employment. Don’t be afraid to include it if it is relevant and helped you learn important skills future employers might be looking for.


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