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Tips for Resume Writing After Leaving the Military

Working on your resume and looking for a job after leaving the military can be a daunting task. While you probably earned many accomplishments in your military career, they don’t all transfer to civilian employment. However, these skills and accomplishments can still be used to create a stellar resume.

Your Objective

Your resume will start with the career objective and should be tailored to your new civilian job objective. Make sure you have come up with career goals before writing the objective, because that is exactly what is going to be included in it. Do a little research of occupations you are interested as a civilian, especially if they are related to your education or job skills learned while in the military. Use this information to write a great objective. If you are applying for two separate career goals, have separate resumes for each.

Look Through Job Listings

While you are still creating your resume, take a look at job listings for the same type of job and see what employers are looking for. This can help give you some insight into what employers might be on the lookout for. They may be looking for a certain college degree, years of experience or special skills. If you have any of these skills or experience, you know right away it is something you should be including on your resume.

List Relevant Experience

If this is your first civilian job, you will be listing your military experience. Consider what positions you held while in the military that are at least partly relevant to your civilian work goals. Try to think outside the box when you are trying to list your work experience. While you may not have held the exact same job title, much of the experience and skills you learned can transfer over into your civilian life.

Show Your Accomplishments

Like with someone writing a resume who was never in the military, you want to showcase your accomplishments. You most likely learned a lot of about team building, safety training and conflict resolution while you were in the military, and if these skills go along with special accomplishments you earned, it will look great on your resume.

Have Your Resume Professionally Written

If you still don’t feel confident in your ability to have a good resume, consider having someone experienced write it for you. Make sure you look for a writer with experience in civilian and military resumes, so that they already know what recruiters are going to be looking for. This isn’t the same as a typical resume, so they should have some working knowledge of what is learned while in the military and the challenges you face when looking for a civilian job.


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