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Given Today’s Technology, Do You Really Need College?

In a world where our technology has flourished, we begin to question our education and our responsibilities. When our smartphones can monitor our exercise habits, control our daily schedules, and even be our main platform or work and communication, our responsibilities are lessened with each new technological feature.

From this standpoint, it seems as though technology is putting in more work than we are as human beings. With this being said, as technology is getting smarter, and more convenient to use, must we continue to keep up with it by paying for college and furthering our educations? If technology is compensating for our weaknesses, can we rely on technology over our education for future jobs?

The answer to the question may be too vague for some, but when asked if you can forego college to get a job nowadays with the advancements in technology, the answer is: maybe.

Furthering your education with a college degree, or even a masters or doctorate degree, can be extremely expensive. Despite the grants and scholarships you can receive, college tuition fees still don’t get fully covered and loans must be taken out to make ends meet. These loans are great while you are in school pursuing your degree, but about six months after graduation, you get your first hefty bill and you will instantly regret taking out the loans.

Depending on your career path, these loans may be a minor speedbump in the road that you can easily pay off within a few years. But with many student who choose careers in which they work their way up to a respectable salary, it is a long, slow road to debt and a poor credit score.

While many professions require extra schooling and a degree, there are many in which the extra schooling can be a waste of time and money. Thanks to technology, some of these jobs easier to do, so a college degree is unnecessary. Plus, many new jobs are available online, and anyone can do them with some motivation, common sense and basic knowledge.

Here are a few examples of great jobs technology has brought us that do not require degrees:

Website Developer

If you have an eye for great web design and understand the basic fundamentals of creating websites, you can work as a web developer to help companies and businesses create sites that customers can easily navigate. While many schools offer degrees in this field, this is a job that can be done without a degree and can make you a solid living of about $70,000 a year on average.

Search Engine Evaluator

With the popularity of the internet and online search engines, you can make big bucks by testing out the search engines and evaluating their effectiveness. This easy job can make you $14 an hour, and there is no need for a college degree. Thanks to technology, you can make a living right from your couch and even make your own hours!

Tech Support Specialist

Technology may be great, but sometimes it can be unreliable, or just downright confusing for those of us who are unfamiliar with it. If you have a competent knowledge of technological functions and can explain it well to help others, you can make about $50,000 a year as a tech support specialist, without even needing a college degree.

While college degrees are certainly not obsolete, and never will be, advancements in technology has created more job opportunities for those who wish to opt out of furthering their education. You can thank technology for these awesome job opportunities, and more, that you can receive without a degree.


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