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Heading to the office every day to sit at a desk in an uncomfortable chair seems horrible when you can sit back and relax on your couch while you work from home.

We all know how much time is spent online anyway, so why not use your data and Wi-Fi towards something you can make a living off of? With an online job, you can do your work anywhere you want right from your computer. You determine your hours, and can make it a full time position or a part-time job for some extra cash.

Here are some convenient online jobs you will love:

Search Engine Evaluator-$14/hour

How many times a day do you search Google and other sites to find what an answer or a product? You can actually make a living by using search engines, and evaluating and comparing them to help the companies improve their services. As a search engine evaluator, you may be sworn to secrecy by the company you work for, but this easy job can make you $14 an hour on average by simply searching things online. This is the perfect side job to get a little extra cash, and you can do it at home, on your own time. Can a job get any more convenient than this?

Virtual Assistant-$16/hour

As a virtual assistant, you can work from home as a secretary for different companies. You can work for one specific business, or open up your services to multiple businesses at a time, depending on how much work is needed to be done. You will have a variety of tasks, like answering calls and emails, fixing spreadsheets, managing appointments and calendars, handling clients’ information, and more. You are basically a business owner’s virtual right-hand man. In this positions you can set a fixed rate, and make it a fulltime positions or work as many hours as you choose. The typical virtual assistant makes about $16 an hour on average. Not too shabby for a job you can do from your couch.

Social Media Consultant-$18/hour

A knowledge of social media, marketing, and communication, can make you a useful tool for companies to employ. As a social media consultant, you can make money by helping people improve their social media sites and help businesses get more attention. If you can prove your skills through the results, you can make an average of $18 an hour from the convenience of your home.


Are you fluent in more than one language? If so, you can put your skills to good use and make some easy cash on the side, or even make it a fulltime career! As a translator, you can make and average of $20 an hour for translating files and documents. This can be an extremely easy job if you are actually competently fluent, but if you’re not don’t try to fake it. An online dictionary won’t help you considering that just translating these word for word won’t do you any good. Translators must understand the cultural and language differences to translate these documents in the correct manner.

Freelance Writer-$26/hour

Although everyone thinks they can write nowadays through social media and blogging websites, real writers can prove their talent and can make a great living from home with freelance writing jobs. Freelance writers can work for specific companies or pick up writing jobs as they wish and make about $26 an hour on average for their hard work. While some jobs pay by the article and some pay by the hour, timely and quality writing can make you a decent living online as a freelance writer.


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