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Welcome to Youremployment.com


The natural assumption is that work has to be boring, dull, and stressful, but if you actually find a job that you love doing, you can make a great living by “working” at a job that’s more like a fun hobby to you.

With these 6 fun jobs, you can find a way to get paid for pursuing your passion.

Personal Trainer-$40,000

Personal fitness is more than a goal; it’s a lifestyle. You take pride in your workout schedule and healthy eating habits, so why not apply your health standards by becoming a personal trainer and helping others strive to improve their health. As a personal trainer, you will design workouts for your clients, and motivate them to reach their goals. Not only will you inspire them to become more fit, but you’ll help inspire them to improve other aspects of their life as well, which is extremely rewarding. Plus, you get to work out on the job, so you’ll basically be getting paid to stay fit, and not have to revolve your workout schedule around your job, which can be tough, and you get to wear comfy sweatpants to work every day. Say goodbye to that stiff suit and switch over to a better career.

Event Planner-$47,000

Everyone knows the party doesn’t start until you get there. You know what makes a good party and how to entertain a crowd, so but your envied talent to good use by helping others throw great parties. As an event planner, you can plan various types of events and parties for work and social groups. Your expertise will be applied by finding caterers, musical talent, venues, decorations, and any other supplies needed to put on a major event. Who says you can’t mix work and play? Certainly not event planners!

Food Critic-$47,000

You were blessed with an immaculate palette for tasting and judging food. From criticizing your friend’s cooking to writing essay long reviews on comment cards, your true goal in life is to find the best cuisine, and to help people improve their cooking at all costs. As a food critic, you can apply your sharp wit, crisp palette, and no-nonsense tongue, and help others find the best food around. Not only do you get paid to eat, but you get paid to review the nicest restaurants around and write about them. Talk about an easy job!


If you prefer to be the one doing the cooking, then a job preparing food for events and parties may just be a fun challenge that you would love to try. As a caterer, you can start your own business creating menus for parties and events, working to satisfy large groups of people, helping to make a great work event or party that all will love. This job would require you to plan a menu around the party-planner’s tastes and specifications, and cook a lot of food in a short period of time, but if you can stand the heat then you won’t mind pulling an all-nighter in the kitchen! With good food and catering services, you will get more recommendations and make more money, so your salary is totally dependent upon your cooking!

Fashion Stylist-$65,000

You don’t design the apparel, but you certainly know how to pair it well and set the trends. In fact, many look up to you as a fashion mogul, and personal stylist already. If you’re constantly helping your friends shop and plan outfits, then why not get paid for your services by becoming a fashion stylist. As a stylist for wealthy individuals, clothing stores, and celebrities, you can put together trendy outfits and get a hefty paycheck in return. You will help to make the world a more fashionable place, while also getting paid a generous sum. And more money in your wallet, means more clothes in your closet


If your school work was always filled with doodles that became freehand masterpieces, then maybe you should put your talent to good use by becoming an animator for cartoons, television shows, and movies. If you can combine your natural drawing talent with a general knowledge of computers and animation technology, you can create, design, and bring fun characters to life. Why not make a living out of something you do in your spare time anyway?


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