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6 LinkedIn Tips To Help You Find A Career


It’s a given that the professional networking site is a great sources for connecting with professional, and learning about new business techniques, but how can you use it in a way that directly benefits you?

If you are looking for a job, or need a career change, you can actually get an interview and get hired using the application. To learn how, check out these 6 LinkedIn tips to help you find a career:

Be Thorough In Your Profile

When you are setting up and editing your profile, keep in mind that this page is all about you. You are allowed to brag a bit about your professional life, so including all the information that builds your status can only help you on LinkedIn. It not only gives potential employers better insight of who you are, and all the qualities you have, but your lengthier profile helps you get noticed. While longer descriptions on your page, you have a better chance of coming up on search engine results when employers search for individuals like you. As long as you have valuable information to add, and you can write effectively and professionally to too your own horn, go for it!

Follow The ‘Golden Rule’ When It Comes To Endorsements

On LinkedIn, there are some wonderful features that allow users to endorse their connections in various skills and jobs, and even post recommendations on their profiles. When trying to enhance your own profile, you have to keep the “Golden Rule” in mind. You know, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” So on LinkedIn, you should be a good connection, and write recommendations for others and endorse their skills, and hopefully you will see them do so in return. With an act of kindness, you can benefit in return.

Connect With Groups You’re Interested In

One of the wonderful things about LinkedIn is the ability to connect with others in the same profession as you, through groups and forums. Here you can give and receive advice for jobs, and find out the newest updates within your field. These are great to be involved in whatever you are in the job search, or you are looking to stay on top of the game in your career.

Do Valuable Research

Trying to find out if that company you’ve been dreaming of working for is hiring? Want to know what kind of candidates they are looking for, and what kind of blogs they follow? Check it out on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the perfect resource for doing research about employers, to find out what you can do to get hired. It’s not creepy to look, in fact, most employers would recommend that you do your research before going into an interview. So stalk away, on LinkedIn of course.

Be An Active User

If you are honestly dedicated to finding a job through LinkedIn, you need to put some effort into it and make it know. Connect with everyone you know, and others who may be useful in the job search. Post content and blogs that can help you get noticed. And work to reach out to professionals who may be interested in hiring you or could help you. They will be impressed with your proactive approached, and will keep you in mind for future openings, or recommend you to others. It never hurts to be active and attentive on LinkedIn.

Consider Investing In A Premium Membership

The basic version of LinkedIn is great, but if you are dedicated to forwarding your career through the networking site, you might want to consider upgrading your service. With a premium version of LinkedIn, you get more options and bonus features on your account, like better search engine functions, more access to view other accounts, and it allows you to use InMail to message others freely within LinkedIn. These tools can make the difference in the job search and can boost your efforts.

With these tips, you should have the tools to help elevate your success on LinkedIn. By utilizing the networking application to the fullest extent, the job search will be over before you know it!


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