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6 Growing Fields That Pay Their Employees Handsomely


You make thing your future is doomed with our recent economy, but your luck may not have run out just yet.

If you picked a career in one of these 6 growing fields that pay their employees well, you may just be on the fast track to money and job security!


Let’s be real; a job in the healthcare industry basically guarantees you job security for life. There is always a demand for doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, aids, and more. While these degrees can take more schooling and more money to pay for the schooling, they can pay off in the end. Nurses can make about $65,000 on average and doctors and management positions can make well over $100,000 a year. If you can stomach the uneasy moments, stay cool under pressure, and have the immune system to match, you may be a great fit for the healthcare industry.

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Environmental Science

Being eco-friendly is becoming a priority to the youth of today. As a community, we care about our planet and the future of it, so preserving it to make it a better and more sustainable environment to live in is important. Hence why the environmental field is growing. Environmentalists can make decent pay, of about $63,000 on average, by designing new technology and inventions to make our earth a greener place, from reducing our carbon footprint, to taking advantage of solar energy to power our machines, and everything in between. These smart thinkers are becoming a more valuable asset to our society and jobs within the environmental science fields are certainly multiplying.

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Computer Science

Growing up in a world blossoming with new technology and devices, millennials already have an advantage in this fields. There is even more good news for computer geeks. If you are knowledgeable about software, technology, and web and mobile applications, you have a lot of job opportunities ahead of you. Many companies are willing to pay you very well if you can manage their devices, program their websites, and develop new software. The average pay for a computer science specialist is about $90,000 annually. If you excel in this fields, odds are you probably only have a bachelor’s degree, and you didn’t have to spend too much time in school to earn the big paychecks you’ll be receiving.

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If you are good with numbers, research, and money, your skills will come in handy in the future. There is always a needs for accountants and financial advisers, and with the growing number of businesses and online market, there are even more numbers to crunch. If you have the talents, you are in demand. This competitive field will make you a pretty penny, with an average salary of about $76,000. And odds are, you’re probably pretty good with your money, and know how to invest properly, so your money will multiply. Kudos to you, math brains.

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Dental Work

This is a no brainer, but people will always have teeth and need someone to clean, fix, and improve them. Dental work is a field that will never go away because there will always be a need for it. From dental assistants, to dentists with PhD’s, there are levels of need and pay, but all opportunities are sustainable and can make a decent living. Dentist now earn about $150,000 a year, so if this field interests you and you can handle the school load, then work your way to a sustainable and well-paying job.

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There will always be new products and businesses, and someone will have to work to sell them. While sales and marketing have two separate meanings, they can go together well and both offer opportunities to grow and increase income by pushing a product tor company strategically. A good sales person can make lots of money, with good communication and persuasion skills. And companies will pay big bucks for marketing services to grow their brand. The average sales or marketing worker makes about $60,000, but the top percentage makes over $100,000 annually in this self-motivating career. This is a field that will not be dying out anytime soon, so a job within sales and marketing will be secure for a while.

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