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8 Companies With The Best Vacation Policies


You work hard, and you deserve to take some time off to relax on a vacation with your family. A job that gives you ample time off without cutting your pay is ideal, but rare to find.

To get vacation time off with a great company that won’t leave you hanging, check out these 8 companies with the best vacation policies:



When we get time off, we spend it relaxing, watching Netflix. So how do Netflix employees get to enjoy time off from work? While sitting on a laptop watching their work in action may not be the best escape, the company does give them ample time off to catch a break, and take so time for themselves. Given the nature of the company and the services they provide, Netflix is a non-judgmental company, and allows employees lots of freedom. They focus on the quality of work done, not the hours of work, so they don’t have a strict dress code, hours or work weeks, or vacation policies for that matter. Netflix allows employees to take off as many vacation days as they want, as long as they are still able to keep up with their work. It seems to be working well as both employees and customers are happy. Keep up the good work Netflix.


Facebook has got their employees’ backs at all times. From free meals, and transportation services, to onsite medical services, the company knows how to treat their employees right. And they have a great vacation policy to match. At Facebook, employees get 11 paid holidays, as well as 21 days of paid vacation time off. With over a month of time off, the company knows how to balance work and play well.


CarMax knows how to keep employees and customers happy with their Time Away policy. Along with offering 6 paid holidays annually, the automobile company allows employees to take as many paid days off as they need to ensure their sanity and work ethic, and they find that it makes for happier and more dedicated employees. With such a flexible schedule, giving employees time to takes care of their needs, the company earns respect, and gains employees who give 110% when they come to work. Smart thinking, CarMax.


It is unclear how you can consider working at Google to be “work” with the fun and flexible environment, that encourages creativity with an awesome setting, and employee perks, but if you need time off they will give it to you. The longer you work with the company the more benefits you get, but first year employees already start off with 15 days of paid vacation time. After three years, employees get 20 days, and after five years, employees get 25 days. The company also allows employees to take an unpaid three month leave of absence if they choose to travel, or need it for other reasons. This highly successful company know how to balance the work load, and keep employees happy and hardworking.


You don’t have to have a high-up job with Costco to receive astounding benefits. The retailer provides great benefits for employees of all levels. Employees receive up to 4 weeks of paid vacation time and personal days, and are also allowed an unpaid winter leave, to take as much time off to celebrate the holidays without stressing about work. All employees are treated equally and fairly at Costco.

Mayo Clinic

Working in a hospital can be demanding, with long hours and stressful work, and the Mayo Clinic understand. So that is why they have created a Paid Time Off program that is generous and accommodating to their esteemed employees. In the PTO program, employees get a bundle of days off, with paid holidays, vacation days, and time days that allows them as many days off as they need. But if they don’t need all the days, they can sell back their hours for cash, meaning they can make more money just for coming into work and not using their extra days off. How nice is that?


Chegg is dedicated to helping their student customers with everything they need to be successful in school, so it makes perfect sense that they also help employees by providing them with everything they need to be successful in life. Chegg provides employees with free food, a fitness center at the office, and plenty of time off to do what they need to get done. The company has nine paid holidays for employees, and allows for 5 days off dedicated to volunteering, encouraging their employees to live well-rounded lifestyles and to give back to the community. They also set no limit on the amount of days employees can take off, as long as they schedule it with their managers.


The social media brand has a very lenient vacation policy to fit their flexible work environment. Twitter has no limit when it comes to vacation days, and does not keep track of employees’ time off, as long as work and standards are upheld. The Twitter managements understand how work is easy to do from home online, and how social media and the internet can make employees constantly reminded of work, so they feel it is important that they take the time off that they need to keep themselves healthy and happy. Along with the untracked vacation days, Twitter has 10 paid holidays that employees get off automatically.


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