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10 Jobs That Will Let You See The World Through Travel


You’re a wanderlusting soul looking to explore, see new things, and travel to exotic places. But you also need a job to pay for these exploits.

Why not combine your love of travel and your career with a job that will let you see the world through travel. Here are 9 awesome traveling jobs that will make you love working:

Cruise Line Worker

Your love of the open sea can become an eternal reality with a job working with a cruise line. The job opening vary from entertainment position to hospitality work, chef positons, and more, so there are some options out there for you. Your life working on a cruise ship will be like a permanent vacation. Just make sure you don’t get seasick easily before applying.


Search hospitality jobs here.


International Aid Worker

With a heart like yours, the ideal job would be working in to help others around the world. You can do just that as an international aid worker. This job isn’t easy, nor risk-free, but the sense of pride, love and accomplishment you will get helping less fortunate people around the world will be extremely fulfilling. The pay isn’t very good, but your travel costs are typically covered, and many of the countries you’ll visit have cheaper living expenses, so your income will last longer.

Search volunteer work jobs here.

Flight Attendant

Your friendly demeanor, gracious smile, and positive attitude make for the perfect candidate as a flight attendant. As a flight attendant you will get to travel throughout the world, and stay briefly in hotels in different countries. Your job requires you to come with a positive attitude to serve and comfort guests, and the availability to work long hours in various conditions. If you enjoy long plane rides and short trips to cool places, then a job as a flight attendant might be for you.

Search air travel jobs here.

Freelance Photographer

The best thing about working freelance is the freedom you have to work anywhere and pick up jobs wherever you want. As a freelance photographer, you can spend life in exotic places and foreign cities, taking cool pictures for money. Heck, that’s what most vacationers do for free. While you may need to work a few years stateside to build up our credibility and bank accounting before hitting the open road, this will be an extremely fulfilling career for the nomadic artists wanting to see the world one photo at a time.

Search photography jobs here.

Yacht Sailor

If you’ve ever envied the rich and famous lifestyle, you may just be able to playa pretend working as a yacht sailor for wealthy yacht owners. Here your boating skills can land you a job sailing around the world in a luxurious boat, receiving decent pay, and inclusive living accommodations. Maybe if you’re lucky, they’ll even let you take it out for a joy ride.

Search hospitality jobs here.

Construction Project Manager

Your architectural and construction expertise as well as your communication and leadership skills align perfectly with those of a construction project manager. In this position you will help design and oversee construction sites, and your services could be requested around the country, and even around the world. For some projects, you may be required to stay for weeks, or months, at a time to oversee the entire project, so you will have plenty of time to explore a new place.

Search construction jobs here.

Travel Nurse

With your nursing degree, you may be eligible for a career as a traveling nurse, working on assignments helping people around the world. Here you can see the world, and help the needy by providing medical services in countries that may not have as advanced medical technology. There is always a need for more nurses, and the pay is well, but you never know when you will be assigned to a new spot, and what diseases or conditions you may encounter. If you are willing to take the risk and travel as a nurse, then this is a prime option for you.

Search nursing jobs here.


As a recruiter for places like universities and colleges you can get the opportunity to travel as a recruiter. Colleges look to recruit students, as well as talented athletes, from across the country and sometimes even in different countries. Depending on your field, you may visit high school around the country to find applicants, or search out individuals with amazing athletic talents to persuade them to come to your university. This can be a fun career that involves great communication and marketing skills to help you sell your school to prospects.

Search recruitment and training jobs here.

News Position

Whether you are a reporter, a writer, or even a camera man, you may be required to travel often to get the full scoop. Depending on your position and company, you may even be required to travel overseas and in dangerous warzones to report on intense stories. If you want to be in the action at all times, this thrill-seeking career can be an exciting way to travel and see the world.

Search news jobs here.


You job in education can get you a long way if you choose to teach around the world. Other countries are in need of teachers for various specialties, including English teachers. If you can teach English to foreign language speakers of other countries, you can find a lot of job openings for your profession, and you may even get to travel around to many different places if you choose. Teaching can open a lot of doors, literally.

Search teaching jobs here.


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