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6 High Paying Jobs You’ve Likely Never Even Heard Of


As a recent graduate, you still have no idea what you want to do with your life. No job yet has appealed to you, and you need to get going on the job search to start paying your students loans.

Or maybe you’re stuck in a dead-end job that you hate, with no room to move up or make more money then you probably already feel the need to leave and find another job. But where? With your skill set and experience what kind of positions are available?

Perhaps you should look into one of these fun and high paying jobs you’ve never heard of:

Fortune Cookie Writer- $70,000

Your favorite Chinese dessert comes with a surprisingly high demand for writers. As a fortune writer for fortune cookies, you have a lot of responsibility to create credible and deep fortunes your readers will enjoy. While some seem generic, with good fortunes for a respectable company, fortune cookie writers can make anywhere from $43,000 to over $100,000 a year. If you think you have the insight to predict the futures of Chinese food lovers, go for the gold, and bring home the big bucks. I see a great sum of money in your future.

Food Stylist-$77,000

Have you ever wondered how food always looked so perfect on cooking shows, advertisements, Pinterest, and magazines? A food stylist, of course. Food stylists prepare and design food to be photographed or viewed, so a talent for cooking, as well as a strong artistic sense is needed to excel in this position. Food stylists use tricks to cook food that is not to be eaten, just looks delicious. They will use inedible products like glue, paint, soap, and more to create masterful culinary pieces. Now you know why your food never looks like the picture. A good food stylist can get a job at a high paying brand, making about $80,000. Not too bad for a job you didn’t even know existed.

Social Engineer-$80,000

If you’ve got a knack for keeping a poker face and telling some little lies, you may be able to fare well as a social engineer. In this career you will use your communication, persuasion, and analytical skill to break down employees to spill secrets about the company. It sounds like an undermining job, but the purpose is to help improve the companies and the other employees’ skills to ensure that the important information regarding their business stays top secret. This is the closest you will probably get to being a double agent.

Ethical Computer Hacker- $95,000

Hey, computer science gurus, we’ve got a fun job that will earn you big bucks. If you know anatomy of computers and software like the back of your hand, then a career working for large companies or governmental programs as an ethical computer hacker could be right up your ally. In this position, you work on hacking programs to figure out how other illegal hackers might do it, in order to figure out ways to block them. This takes a vast knowledge of computers, of course, but also a creative and sneaky mind to think like a criminal. This is an extremely important position to protect guarded information on the web, so your responsibilities earn you a high salary, averaging about $95,000, but room to make up to $150,000.

Bomb Disposal Diver-$101,000

An adventure-seeker on the search for an exciting and active job can work to become a bomb disposal diver. In this position your duties will include diving to search for unexploded bombs and weaponry and then working to safely diffuse or dispose of these weapons in a safe manner. This is an extremely dangerous job that requires a calm professional with years of training. Often times, former marines succeed in this position. If you think you have the nerves and the guts to do this job, you can make over $100,000 a year, and only have to work two out of every three months. The hours are great and the work is interesting, so look into this career if you dare.

Content Acquisition Director at Netflix- $226,700

This is an extremely high up position within the company, but if you can land a job working for Netflix, you are golden. Not only do you get to help decide what kind of content should be featured on the site based on what your audiences like, but you get to preview some of the shows and movies, and make big bucks. There are a variety of positions with Netflix, many of which require a bachelor’s degree and marketing or analytical skills, but the growing company has shown success and is able to pay their employees extremely well. If you want a fun job working with something you love, then check out the positions that Netflix, and other similar sites offer.


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