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The Best And Worst Jobs For Education Majors

Educators are some of the most important people with the most important jobs, yet many of them are outrageously underpaid, overworked, and unappreciated.

To make the most of your degree and find the best job with your degree in education, check out this list of the best and worst education jobs to guide you in your search:


School Principle-$100,000

While you will have to work your way up to this rank, if you can land this job with your leadership and communication skills and your education background, you will be reward with a great income. Salary will vary depending on region, school district, and type of school, but the average school principle makes around $100,000. It’s an important and stressful position, but also a fulfilling one.

Economics Teacher-$95,000

Your knowledge of money and the market makes you a gem in the education major career. If you have experience with economics, or a focus in the field, you can land a job teaching at a high school, college, or even adult-class level, raking in upwards of $90,000 a year! What a smart way to use your degree in education, you financially-savvy specimen, you.

Engineering Professor-$99,000

It won’t come as a shock that one of the highest paying majors pays their professors well. With a degree in education with further schooling in engineering, you can make up to $150,000 as a college engineering professor. For math, science, and design lovers, this is a great option to look into that will make you lots of money, and give you freedom to teach how you would like, and offer a variety of classes at different levels. You will have many opportunities with this careers choice.

Law Teacher-$108,000

While further education than just a bachelor’s degree is a must before seeking out this job, you can earn back thousands of dollars you owe for loans in a short amount of time, making up to $180,000 with a doctorate degree. This well-paying job is for those interest in law and politics, and can easily communicate with and control serious students looking to learn more about the matter. There is a lot of responsibility rested upon your shoulders within this job, and many students will rely on your teaching to help them learn and study as they prepare to go on to further education themselves, so experience and academic excellence is a must.


Librarian -$32,000

Your love of books, reading, and English, makes you a great fit to work in a library, but your college loan debt says otherwise. Librarians may live a calm life among the books, reading, organizing and enjoying peace and quiet, but the job doesn’t exactly make it worth all the money you paid to get your degree.

Preschool teachers-$30,100

While the preschool phase can be important to the learning process, the preschool teachers don’t get paid nearly enough for the hard work they out in. From dealing with whiny kids missing their moms, to deciphering the broken language of the tots, this job can be a real headache. If you adore young children this can be a fun place to work, but don’t expect it to be easy, and don’t expect it to pay well.

Nanny- $29,700

Your experience with children and ability to provide dedicational daycare makes you a great candidate for a position as a nanny, but your qualifications can land you a job more suited to your career, and that will pay much better. While you may love children and enjoy babysitting as a side job, there is no room to move up, and eventually the kids will grow up and leave you unemployed. Instead of putting your degree to waste by doing a job that anyone can qualify for, make the most of your major by finding a job that relates directly with education, one that will provide you more financial stability.

Teaching Assistant- $25,000

Unfortunately, in this world, you have to take what you can get and work your way up. Many new graduates start their career in education as a teaching assistant. This is not a bad idea to do while you are still in school or if you are an aide in a classroom, but it is not a lasting career you will want. Use this job as a resume builder then expand and grow your opportunities and apply for a full-time teaching job that showcases your teaching talents front and center.


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