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9 Highest Paying Jobs For Art and Design Majors

If you think your love and talent with the arts has cursed your financial plans, think again. Not all artists are doomed for fiscal misery.

Check out these fabulous art and design jobs you can get with your degree, which will actually make you big bucks doing what you love!

Illustrator- $63,000

Drawing, painting and coloring, may be a great talent to have but it will not always make you a lot of money. In fact, it probably won’t be enough to support you, unless you happen to find the best career to continue doing what you love. If you are no Picasso or Velasquez, take your drawing and painting skills in a different direction by becoming an illustrator for books and magazines. Your impressive talents can make you a decent living, with a median income of $63,000. Not too shabby for a starving artist.

Multimedia Artists/Animator- $79,000

With a steady hand and some creativity, your designs can earn you big bucks when working with animations and technology. If you can prove your great drawing skills, along with a background in technology, this position is one you should attempt to get. With a median salary of about $79,000 you can make a pretty penny working for companies like Pixar or other productions or television series, designing cartoons, and never having to grow up.

Interior Design Director- $80,000

As you work your way up in the world of interior design, a job as an interior design director should be your goal. In this position, your knowledge of design, textiles, colors, lighting, and space, will all help you make the executive decisions over your design staff to create amazing spaces your clients will love. At about $80,000 for the median salary, your job as an interior design director will be a great choice your design degree helped you get.

Video Game Designer- $83,000

To you, video games are more than a fun way to pass time, they are a lifestyle. So why not make it your career? Put your design degree and your knowledge of the latest technology to good use by becoming a video game designer. You know you’ve dreamt about this since you were a kid, and now it is even a better career choice than you though, making you about $83,000 a year on average. What a great job to showcase your creative side, yet make a comfortable living.

Art Director -$84,000

Your keen eye for detail and your authoritative confidence could land you a well-paid job as an art director for a newspaper, magazine or website. These art directors manage the art content and photography for the brand, and make the final decisions in what should be features. This is an important ns prominent job, and if you can work your way up to this profession, you can live a financially stable lifestyle all with the help of your art degree.

Industrial Designer- $84,000

Your design experience can actually be very useful in the professional world. With your eye for design, and problem solving ways, you can help create and fix designs for everyday products, like machines, appliances, and even toys for children. This is an extremely important job to create items with safety and aesthetic appeal for consumers, and as an industrial design manager, you can make $84,000 in your prominent positions. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that your degree in design is not important!

Creative Director- $98,000

Similar to the idea of an art director, a creative director has a strong control within several industries like the music industry, fashion industry, and entertainment and media industries. These creative directors help with the aesthetic appeal of certain brands, and help design and initiate advertisements, campaigns and media to help promote their clients and businesses. This is an extremely important career and can require a lot of work and experience, but with your determination you can land the job, making almost $100,000 with your art degree, communication skills, and personal taste.

Chief Fashion Designer- $120,000

Your great style and wardrobe could score you a great job if you can inspire some new designs. Fashion designers can make upwards of the median income average $120,000 with successful results, yet the average is still a well-paying profession to have. Creativity and a passion for fashion can get you the glitzy and glamorous lifestyle if you work hard and can prove yourself in the fashion world.

Art Therapist- $149,000

Art therapy is a relatively new field, but with your art degree, and higher education studying therapy and communication, you can put your love of art to good use, and make big bucks. An art therapists helps to coach individuals with mental, health, and emotional problems, to use their art as an outlet to get out bad emotions and feelings. This can be a productive way to help people deal with their problems, and create some pieces that show true emotion. Use your art degree to help others find their love of art and love of life as an art therapist.


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