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2015's Highest Paying Jobs For Bachelor's Degree Holders By Major


So what if you’re not pre-med? You can still earn big bucks with your bachelor’s degree.

Look at what jobs you can get with you’re a bachelor’s degree in your major to maximize your income:


English: Speech Writer - $113,000

Do you think politicians, CEOs, celebrities, and athletes all write their own speeches? Think again. These people are often in the limelight for both positive and negative reasons, and they will pay big bucks for someone to outline and write their speeches for them. Perfect grammar, precise language, and political correctness, are all skills required of professional speech writers, making English majors perfect for the job.

Search jobs as a speech writer here.


Liberal Arts: Sales Manager - $100,000

A degree in liberal arts may seem kind of pointless at times, but if used correctly, you can make a great salary. A bachelor’s degree in liberal arts gives you a broad range of knowledge that gives you a degree that you can use in a variety of field. To maximize your earning potential, you can put your degree towards a career in sales, and work your way up. You can earn upwards of $100,000 if you can work your way up in sales.

Search jobs as a sales manager here.


Biology: Medical and Health Services Manager - $74,000

With a general knowledge of medical sciences, an individual with a degree in biology and some business background experience can get a well-paying job serving as a medical services manager. In this position, you can earn around $74,000 a year, overseeing medical service and managing departments.

Search jobs in health services here.


Education: Special Education teacher - $63,000

While teachers are recommended to get their master’s a bachelor’s degree may still land them certain jobs at lower education levels. Special Education Teachers with bachelor’s degrees can earn over $60,000 a year, though with only a bachelor's degree. However, it is a competitive field, so to make more and move up, a master’s degree will be required.

Search jobs as a teacher here.


Nursing: Surgical Nurse - $74,197

While nursing is already a smart field to go into given the consistent need and guarantee of jobs, specializing in a certain field of nursing can get you the most money for your degree. Surgical nurses are some of the highest paid nurses with a BSN, making a little over $74,000 a year. This may be a more stressful job assisting in surgeries and preparation, but it can be quite exciting as well.

Search jobs as a surgical nurse here.


Economics: Management Consultant - $155,092

If you are good with money and numbers, then a degree in economics was a savvy choice to make. While there are many well-paying job opportunities for this degree, if you can get a job as a management consultant you can make up to $155,000 a year, with only a bachelor’s degree!

Search jobs in economics here.


Communications: Public Relations Director - $95,200

While communication is a highly important yet often underrated major, you can still make a decent living with your degree within the field. While there are so many different majors that are part of the communication category, a degree within the field basically makes you a good candidate across the board. If you want to directly use our degree and stay in your field, public relations is where you need to be. If you can work your way up to be a director of public relations, you can make almost $100,000 a year with your degree.

Search jobs in Public Relations here. 


Accounting: Corporate Controller - $112,000

Your knowledge of numbers and your choice in major will get you far, my friend. A degree in accounting will make you a lot of money, and you won’t have to wait a long time to work your way up. While you have a lot of options that will make you a lot of money, one of the highest positions you can get with your degree is working as a corporate controller. Some companies do require a master’s degree but if you have experience managing accounts, working with taxes and controlling budgets, you will be a good candidate for this position.

Search jobs in accounting here.


Criminal justice: FBI Agent - $114,000

If you are looking to work your way up and get a prestigious career in your field, without having to go to law school, becoming a federal agent may be a possibility for you. While this is a highly competitive field, and requires lots of training, you can make about $114,000 a year with a bachelor’s degree, while working to protect our country.

Search jobs in criminal justice here.


Political science: Political Analyst - $97,355

Our government needs people to help figure out the statistics behind laws, to figure out what works, what doesn't and what needs improvement. You can make a difference by helping to be behind the process, as a political analyst, and make a great living while helping our government. A bachelor’s in political science can open a lot of doors.

Search jobs as a political analyst here.


Computer science: Applications Architect - $183,000

If you have a vast knowledge of software development, along with project management experience, and understand the programming makeup of your software company, you may be able to work your way up to be an applications architect, and make over $180,000 with your bachelor’s degree. This career will land you high responsibilities deigning software and applications and working with and managing others but can make you a lot of money without having to continue your schooling.

Search jobs in computer science here.


While continuing your education with due time may help to advance your career and maximize your earnings, you can still get a great career with your bachelor’s degree if you put it to good use.


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