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The 16 Cities With The Most Job Openings For 2015 College Grads

There’s still hope for recent college grads. Despite all their overwhelming debt, and the somewhat rocky economy, they still have a shot to start a coveted career in their chosen field…they just might have to move to do it.

Check out these 16 cities with the most job openings:

1. San Francisco, California

San Francisco has had a successful year thus far. Since January Californians have seen a great increase in job openings, most of them within the city of San Francisco. With this increase in jobs, salaries have been driven up as well, giving you more of a reason to move to San Francisco.

2. Denver, Colorado

Recently, the job market has improved in Denver, lowering employment rates, and creating more opportunities for recent graduates on the search. Perhaps the expansion of the city and job it could be due to the legalization of a certain recreational and medicinal drug, but regardless, this hasn’t hurt their economy and their growing population of incoming millennials.

3. Des Moines, Iowa

While this city is often overlooked, a few new companies opening in and around the city have shown projections to hire hundreds of new employees at various levels within the next year. This could completely change the reputation and the composition of this underrated city.

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota

With a low unemployment rate of 3.9 percent, Minneapolis remains as a stand-up city of college graduates to find work. Those looking for jobs within the health care field, especially, should have some luck with the numerous positions available at the Mayo Clinic.

5. Salt Lake City, Utah

While Salt Lake City’s unemployment rate is not that impressive, the job marketing for those with college degrees shows much more promising opportunities. For 2015, Salt Lake City is ranked as one of the top cities for job creation, which falls in favor of those with bachelors’ degrees.

6. Boston, Massachusetts

In previous years, Boston has raised the hopes of the civilians, only to disappoint them with higher unemployment rates. Finally, they have been able to decrease their unemployment rates this past March by adding over 10,000 jobs in the city, as reported by The Boston Globe.

7. Austin, Texas

Home of quite a few colleges, including the big University of Texas at Austin, this city is a great place for recent graduates to find work. According to NerdWallet.com Texas is the top state for job seekers, and Austin is one of the main cities on the list.

8. San Jose, California

In recent years, this city has seen tremendous financial growth. With this rise in success and profits, companies are now on the look to gain more employees. According to mercurynews.com64 percent of CEOs in the area planning to hire within the next year. With over half of the companies in Silicon Valley hiring, San Jose is a great place for recent college graduates to look to start their careers.

9. Iowa City, Iowa

With the reputation of this big campus, corporations are moving to this city with intentions of hiring more qualified candidates from the graduating class. If you are in Iowa City, don’t overlook the prospects coming to town. You may be able to find a great career without having to move again.

10. Dallas, Texas

The employment rate in the Dallas area has grown almost 4 percent from 2014 to 2015, landing Dallas a well-deserved spot on this list. For college grads with business and transportation industry related majors, this is the perfect spot to check out after graduation.

11. Tulsa, Oklahoma

For college grads in search of a job, Tulsa is a place with great odds. With a very small unemployment rate of 3.1 percent of those with bachelor’s degrees, the odds of finding a job with your degree are very likely. Also, according to tulsaworld.comthe city has a 1.92 percent rate of annual job growth, which helps ensure more jobs for the future. Yay Tulsa!

12. New York City, New York

While the city can be extremely competitive, especially for newcomers, it also offers many opportunities. While you may end up getting a job that’s a bit different than you had hoped, the big apple offers more opportunities, more places to see and people to meet, and higher salaries than other places.

13. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is rated one of the top cities for job openings and financial growth for 2015. This growth is widespread across many industries, but both business services and construction have shown extreme growth within the past few years. Seattle is also a great city for young people who enjoy the scene, making it a great place for recent graduates to meet new people.

14. Bloomington, Indiana

College towns are often some of the best places to find work after graduation. Bloomington, Indiana is home to the University of Indiana, and offers many jobs for former students within the school. Students will never have to leave college after graduation then!

15. Baltimore, Maryland

While the state of Maryland shows some rocky financial predictions for 2015, Baltimore is predicted to fare above average this year. It is expected that the city will add over 20,000 new jobs by the end of the year, hopefully lowering the unemployment rate from 6.4 percent to 5.2 percent, as reported by The Baltimore Sun.

16. Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati is adding jobs and decreasing their unemployment rate by a significant amount this year. There are currently leading the state in job growth, while also sustaining a low cost of living, which is quite impressive for a city of this size. For recent graduates looking for housing on a budget, yet still craving the city life, Cincinnati is right for you.


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