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17 A-List Celebs & The Shocking Jobs They Did Before They Were Famous



Fame and fortune did not come so easily to some. These stars had some interesting day jobs to support themselves before making it big. Check out what these celebs had to do to make their way up the totem pole to stardom and success:


1. Johnny Deep - Telemarketer


With a voice like that it is no wonder that Depp was a persuasive phone salesmen. He worked as a telemarketer selling ballpoint pens, which certainly required an experience speaker and actor to amp up the excitement on this job. Too bad his good looks couldn’t help him out here…


2. Jennifer Hudson - Burger King Employee


This Oscar winning singer has another hidden talent: she is a professional burger flipper. Prior to her run on American Idol, this songstress supported her lofty dreams by working at the local Burger King. Rumor is that she now gets free BK burgers for life, but with her success, she can probably afford all the fast-food she wants!


3. Ellen DeGeneres - Oyster Shucker


Born and raised in Louisiana, this comedian and talk show host had an odd job working with the local catch. Before starting her career, she worked a job as an oyster shucker, using a knife to separate the oysters from their shells. With her comedic background, it is only fitting that Ellen would have such a strange occupation on her resume.


4. Chase Crawford - Abercrombie Employee


It is no shock to here that the actor used his good looks for good use before hitting it big. Crawford worked as an Abercrombie employee, and also did some modeling for their partner store, Hollister, before breaking into show-biz. The start certainly got him the recognition he needed to go into modeling and acting.


5. Ashton Kutcher - Cereal Dust Sweeper


Who knew there was such a thing? While Kutcher had many jobs and went to desperate lengths to support himself before his career took off, his job at General Mills was certainly the most unique experience. Don’t judge, this job may seem too hysterical to be true, it must have been frustrating and never-ending. Just think of how much cereal you’ve dropped on the floor when pouring yourself a bowl.


6. Rachel McAdams - McDonald’s Employee


Yes, even this “mean girl” has served her time in the working world. Before becoming an actress, McAdams worked three consecutive summers at McDonalds. She wasn’t their favorite employee though, after breaking the orange juice machine.


7. Kurt Warner - Grocery Bagger


As if staying fit and on top of your game isn’t enough work, this NFL MVP also had a part-time job working as a bagger at a grocery store after first getting cut as a backup quarter back for the packers. He still managed to find the time to improve his game, and eventually found his way back to the NFL to excel and become a Super Bowl champion.


8. Channing Tatum - Stripper


Now you can understand why Tatum was such a natural in Magic Mike. His youthful endeavors to support himself began at age 17, working with a construction company then as a stripper. Sound familiar to the theme of the movie? That’s because it is vaguely based off his life story. He’s even a co-producer of the film!


9. Kanye West - Folded Clothes for the Gap


If you’ve ever listen to the lyrics of his song “Spaceship” you can now confirm that his reference to The Gap is true. He worked as a sales associate and folded clothes for the store. His fashion taste is a little more expensive now…


10. Andrew Garfield - Starbucks Barista 


Who knew our favorite Spiderman can make a mean macchiato? Before hitting the green screens, this guy sported a green apron at the most popular coffee shop in the nation. From serving caffeine to fighting crime on screen, this guy was born to be a super hero.


11. Amy Adams - Hooter’s Girl


Young and naïve, at age 18, this Hollywood star get her first job serving at Hooters. Don’t worry this was a short lived occupation, she only did it until she saved up enough money to get a car.


12. Jon Hamm - Porn Set Dresser


This actor and comedian has played some weird roles, even before acting. One of hs many job included working on the set of shooting for adult films- behind the scenes. He just moved furniture around. Pretty normal, oh except for the naked people who used the furniture.


13. Oprah Winfrey - Grocery Store Clerk


Even one of the most successful people on earth had to start from the bottom. While working towards a career in broadcasting, Winfrey worked at a grocery store to make some spare cash. Now she could own the store, or the whole chain if she wanted!


14. Hugh Jackman - Party Clown


This wolverine must have taken a surprising turn somewhere. Before making it as an actor, Jackman worked at parties as a clown to entertain kids. He has admitted than acting suits him better, his clowning skills were below par. 


15. Eva Mendes - Hot Dog Vendor


Before hitting the big screens, this actress and model starting her career off in a mall. Not on billboards or TV screens, but as a hotdog vendor in the food court. Luckily this part-time summer job only stuck with her during her high school years.


16. Ozzy Osbourne - Slaughterhouse Worker


With a morbid job working at a Slaughterhouse killing cows before getting a record deal, no one can be surprised by the gruesome lyrics he has written. After working the job, Osbourne tried becoming a vegetarian, then a vegan for a while, but he couldn’t resist the meat. At least now he doesn’t have to do the dirty work for his own dinner.


17. Rod Stewart - Gravedigger


Before singing pop- rock songs, the artist worked a job digging up rocks, and dirt, for graves. Luckily for this this dreary job was only temporary, and he reportedly didn’t have to do much dirty work. He mostly marked out plots, and did a little bit of actual digging.


Not everyone gets discovered at a young age. Some celebrities had to work some tough and strange jobs before their dreams came true. Who knows, maybe you still have a chance at fame, despite your current day job.


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