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Job Profile: Software Engineer

Do you like working with computers?

Are you alert to minute details?

Do you enjoy thinking over problems?

Can you write code?

Are you open to taking on different challenges?

If your answer is YES to these questions, then becoming a software engineer may be the right fit for you. As computers become more prevalent in our workspace and everyday lifestyle, there is a fast-growing need for people who can work with computers. In fact, over the next decade the job demand for software engineers is expected to increase by 32%. If you are considering a career in software engineering, here is what you need to know:

What Being a Software Engineer Entails:

A software engineer uses their advanced math skills to write algorithms which they can use to create computer programs and applications. They may work individually or as part of a team, and analyze data from users to identify their needs and then modify different programs accordingly. Using algorithms and principles of computer science, a software engineer can design, assess, and develop new software for a client. These software programs range from games, word processors, databases and spreadsheets, and may be mass marketed or for specific clients such as Microsoft or Adobe.

Part of the job ensures that each programs is efficient and user-friendly, so you will start out writing code and debugging programs. On an average workday, you may be testing software you’ve designed, coaching programmers who will code the software, and giving technical support to users. If you can handle the stress of long hours with tight deadlines and keeping up with a constantly evolving technology, you will make a successful software engineer.

Skills and Abilities:

Software engineers must have working knowledge of programming languages, like HTML, C++, Java, and Javacript. They must be detail-oriented and creative, as well as be able to work in a team environment. Software engineers must also know how to work with other computer networks, databases, and systems security for their job. Above all, a software engineer should have strong problem-solving skills.

Education Required:

Depending on the complexity of the work position, education requirements for a software engineer range from a bachelor’s degree (for most jobs) to a master’s degree in either computer science, software engineering, or mathematics. Experience is also a plus to most employers, so while an internship may not be required it certainly will help. Knowing your industry is also important: if you want to develop programs for an insurance company, it’s good to have an understanding of what the company needs.


The median wage of a software engineer is approximately $40 an hour, or about $85,430 annually. The highest-paying industries for software engineers are Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Personal Services, and Computer Equipment Manufacturing. The job growth for software engineers is expected to grow slightly higher than average through 2020.

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